A Quick FFXIV Controller Guide

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A Quick FFXIV Controller Guide

Learn everything you ever want to know about FFXIV Controller controls, how to set it up, and what you need to look out for.

If you have any extensive MMORPG experience, the thought of playing one that makes extensive use of the controller might make your skin crawl. But let us be the first to tell you that Final Fantasy XIV is not only perfectly playable on whatever controller you prefer, it might be the best option.

Sure nothing can can compete with the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard right? Well FFXIV comes pretty damn close thanks to its innovative Cross-Hotbar system and you'd be surprised how many of the top brass players of Square Enix's MMO use a controller to clear the hardest content.

No matter if you have just started or looking to switch up your setup, we'll teach you everything you need to know about FFXIV and controller.

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FFXIV Controller Guide

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the few online games that puts player choice on the very top. Even your choice of input method is completely up to you. And while keyboard and mouse are still extremely popular among PC players, at least a third of Eorzea's residents play on consoles.

and even then there is still a large number of FFXI veterans who prefer controllers. To make sure you can still use your 30+ actions the cross-hotbar was explicitly designed to make this possible. And once you set it up just right and with a little practice, you'll be able to raid with the best of them.

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Controller Setup

When you make a new character, you'll be asked if you prefer the controller or mouse and keyboard inputs. Select the controller and it should work seamlessly. By default typing on a connected keyboard with automatically use the chat option but you can also enable both control types.

On that note, you can also make use of both controller and m+kb hotbars for more real estate.

If you want to change the control type, bring up the Character Configuration menu and switch between the input modes.

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Under Hotbar Settings, you'll find the Cross and Custom options which are for setting up the controller. Our recommendations are to pick the Cross Hotbar Controls Mixed options to keep the best of both worlds. Next, you want to enable the WXHB settings to see additional bars, the other settings are a preference thing so make sure to to around with it until you find what works best for you.

Next under the Custom tab, you have to enable Hold Expanded Controls and make sure both trigger combinations link to the next Cross Hotbar. Now you have access to two additional cross hotbars bringing you up to 32 available buttons which is more than enough for most Jobs.

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Hotbar Setup

I wish we could give you an optimal setup for every class but this will also come down to preference. Just like mapping out your regular hot bars, make sure to keep a similar layout between jobs so switching between them is not as jarring.

We also recommend setting up abilities you frequently have to weave in an easily accessible slot. Here the toggle option will come in handy so you can freely weave a skill or ability in between casts. For placable skills such as Assylum for example, we do recommend making a cast on target macro to avoid any input hiccups.

The rest is just getting used to it. For some jobs, like most healers the controller makes it simple to flick through your party list and back to Target at the press of a few buttons. A job like Ninja might be a bit harder to get used to, but once you get used to it the controller is just as viable as any other input method.

But that's from us today when it comes to FFXIV Controller setup. We have more guides and news all around the critically acclaimed MMORPG right here in our dedicated section and for the latest in gaming and esports check out ESTNN

A Quick FFXIV Controller Guide
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