FF14 Gathering Leveling Guide From 1 to 90

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FF14 Gathering Leveling Guide From 1 to 90

Finally decided to level those Gatherers in Final Fantasy 14 but don't know where to start and how to go about it? Don't worry we got you covered! Here's a handy guide to leveling Miner, Botanist, and even Fisher!

Life as a gatherer in Final Fantasy 14 is a good one. Unlike crafters, you're mostly self-sufficient and you can simply create money out of thin air by just clicking nodes in the open world.

Leveling is as straightforward as the gameplay, you have lots of options depending on how much grinding you want to put in or if you just want to space things out and unlock a bunch of stuff.

So here is a detailed breakdown of all those options and the best way to go about it.

FF14 Solo Leveling Adventure

Unlike many other classes, you can level all your gatherers completely on your with no strings attached. So you won't have to deal with any synchronous leveling as you'd do with crafters.

Gear might be a bit of an issue, but once you get access to the House of Splendours and scripts that problem will completely fade away. Especially since the jump in stats usually only happens at level milestones.

Survival Manuals are essential. Go Get them!

The various types of Survival Manuals you can obtain throughout your Final Fantasy 14 exploits are very, very useful. Even once you've wrapped leveling, it's worth stockpiling them for the next expansion.

Being a capped experience boost, you still get a 150% boost to gain experience from gathering. They'll last you for a while, especially with the 18-hour buff time.

You can get the level 0 – 40 ones from your Grand Company by exchanging them for Company Seals. Later you can get the higher-level ones by exchanging white-gathering scripts at certain vendors.

So try and make frequent use of them, they'll make leveling gatherers a breeze!

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Do Your Quests

Since this is FF14, everything is attached to a quest in one way, shape, or form. Gatherers are no different in that regard.

Quests are usually pretty straightforward and simple (especially since High-Quality raw materials have been removed). Go here and gather a number of X.

Only fishing can get a little dicey, but you can just buy it off the market board if you don't feel like feeling the breeze in your virtual face while fishing surrounded by monsters.

These quests will reward you with gear, essential new skills and traits, and a sense of accomplishment!

On Gearing

Unlike the crafters, having extremely good, fine-tuned gear isn't important if you're just leveling. Just make sure to upgrade regularly on your road to level 50 and then go by white script gear at the House of Splendors.

That gear will last you well until you hit the next milestone, so don't worry too much about it.

You can earn white scripts through various means but mostly by turning in collectibles to the House of Splendors or as a reward for other tasks like the Custom Deliveries.

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Deliveries and Collectibles

While this is not the most optimal way to gain experience points, Deliveries, and Collectibles are a great way to farm any sort of currency.

First and foremost are the Grand Company Supply Missions. Once a day you're asked to turn in a raw material, depending on your level for Grand Company Seals and massive experience points.

While these are especially great in the early leveling process, they will scale all the way up to level 90. Make good use of these to get the Survival Manuals we mentioned earlier.

The Collectibles you can hand in at the House of Splendors can be unlocked around level 50. Scrips are mostly useful for endgame, but gathering collectibles is a nice alternative source of experience points.

Custom Deliveries unlock from level 60 onwards after some quest chains and are great if weekly limited, a great way to earn experience points and scripts.

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Leveling Fisher

Let's get this one out of the way quickly. Fisher is the best class in Final Fantasy 14. Everyone knows it but no one wants to admit it. Its leveling process technically also applies here but you have special means.

Basically, you level fisher by fishing a lot. Doing collectibles and turn-ins for various other activities is wildly inconsistent unless you want to spend a bunch of money to get it over quickly.

You just have to fish.

A wild concept from FF14 to make you play the game. Just make sure you're sufficiently geared and hit up the highest-level fishing hole available to you. With buffs like the Survival Manuals, this won't take that long.

And you can also go Ocean Fishing every few hours in Limsa Lominsa. You can level fisher just by doing that, to be honest, and chase some of the rewards.

Since gear doesn't really matter in this content.

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Ishgard Restoration

And the Ishgard Restoration! If you've already leveled your crafters, you are already familiar with Skybuilders Hell. If you aren't, then let this be an introduction.

The Ishgard Restoration can be unlocked after you've completed the 3.3 patch of the Main Scenario Quest. After a short introduction questline, you can go and explore the Diadem.

The Diadem is the relict of a forgotten time, but now it is just a glorified leveling zone for gatherers and the reason Ishgard has a functional economy.

You travel around and gather materials that you can get approved for extra experience points and other rewards. Just make sure that you have your buffs up while gathering in the Diadem.

And you get to shoot a laser at monsters!

ff14 gathering

Leve Quests

Leve Quests are actually really useful when you're on a gatherer. Simply pick one at your local levemete, (Gridania for Botanists' and Ul'dah for Miner from levels 1 – 50) and get gathering.

You can pick up, up to three of that will take you to a zone where you just have to hit a few gathering nodes. Usually, you don't even have to do a hand-in.

Paired with Survival Manuals and Grand Company Buffs, is next to the Ishgard Restoration the easiest way to level your gatherers and earn some pocket money.

Just keep in mind that you only have a limited number of Leves available to you and that they slowly recharge.

The Large Scale Leves in Ishgard might look good on paper, but the EXP payout dwarfs in comparison to what you could earn from the smaller ones.

Tribe Quests

While the Tribal Quests are exactly worth doing in Final Fantasy 14 if you're just looking for an experience point payout. The rewards like a mount or story make it worth it, however.

Gatherers sadly have the least amount of Tribal Quests dedicated to them, but here's a quick rundown anyways:

  • Namazu Tribe Quests Level 61 – 70 (Also requires a bunch of sidequests. But is probably the best tribe questline they've ever done)
  • Qitari Tribe Quests Level 71 – 80 (Requires a long quest chain to unlock.)
  • Omicron Tribe Quests Level 81 – 90 (Unlocks after a short line of quests. EXP payout is pretty decent in the 81 – 90 range.)

Do keep in mind that you can only complete 3 of these quests a day and it takes a long time to grind reputation.

In Closing

Leveling your gatherers in Final Fantasy 14 is surprisingly easy. You really just need to gather! As long as you make sure to use those Survival Manuals for the 150% EXP buff this shouldn't take too long.

Fishing might take a bit longer, but that also only involves standing in one spot for several hours and pressing two buttons.

And that's it, this handy guide will pave your way to being a self-sufficient gatherer that can and will flood the market board with cheap and fairly prized materials.

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FF14 Gathering Leveling Guide From 1 to 90
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