FFXIV Fanfest Japan 2023 Preview

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FFXIV Fanfest Japan 2023 Preview

Here is what you can expect from the upcoming FFXIV Fanfest Japan 2023.

To wrap up FFXIV's 10th anniversary, the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest series 2023/2024 will conclude in Tokyo, Japan where the team will reveal all the critical information regarding the upcoming Dawntrail expansion as well as what the future of FFXIV has in store for its players.

Held at the legendary Tokyo Dome on January 8, 2024, the event promises to answer all the questions regarding the next expansion and what content for the critically acclaimed MMORPG will look like for the next 2 years.

So here's a little reminder of what you can expect and how you can catch the event even if you're not making the trip to Japan.

FFXIV Fanfest Japan 2023

The event will most likely start with the full version of the cinematic trailer that was shown at the previous Fanfests. Going by the way these things usually go, that trailer will probably be around 6-7 minutes long and will reveal not only the second Job that'll be introduced to Dawntrail and some more key characters.

At this point, we'll also going to learn the release date or a general timeframe. We guess that FFXIV Dawntrail will be released somewhere between April and June of 2024. Here they'll also announce the collectors edition as well as preorders for the expansion. Preordering will net you an EXP accessory that'll make the leveling process between levels 1 to 80 way easier.

Next, we'll be introduced to the new Job. The first job revealed was a melee DPS called Viper which will be an alternative take on the Scouting type that is currently occupied by the Ninja. The new job is already been confirmed to be magical DPS. We don't know yet what it will be but Greenmage, Pictomage, and Geomage are all on the table.

We're also going to hear more on the upcoming FFXI collaboration which will feature an Alliance Raid series based on the other critical MMORPG. In the same vein, we'll also hear what the new Raid will look like and what it'll center on.

FFXIV Fan Fest London 2023 Summery
Image: Square Enix

They will also go deep into what content we can expect from Dawntrail. So far we know that there's some expansion to the Island Sanctuary, more Variant/Criterion Dungeons, new things on Deep Dungeons, and potentially an expansion on PvP. In the past Naoki Yoshida has also teased a multiplayer version of the Island Sanctuary, potentially one where the entire server would be involved similar to the Ishgard Reconstruction.

There'll probably also be a new video showing off dungeons, and envoirments as well as an extended look at all the graphical changes coming in the next update.

Last but not least they'll most likely reveal the new playable Race which in all likelihood is going to be female Hrothgar. They confirmed way back that they were working on it but thanks to the pandemic and the planned graphics update, these things had been delayed.

Players will also get an update on when they can expect the next patch of FFXIV which is the second part of 6.5 which is currently expected to be released at the end of January/early February. We'll get more information on the upcoming FFXIV X FFXVI collaboration event.

Aside from all of those, you can also expect to hear about the upcoming Xbox version and other surprises. Since this is the end of the 10th-anniversary event, expect at least something huge. Be it the long-teased TV series or perhaps another big shake-up.

We'll of course have a complete rundown of the entire event as it happens. You can also catch the stream live on all the Final Fantasy XIV social channels, live English translations will be available for all the major panels.

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FFXIV Fanfest Japan 2023 Preview
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