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Learn everything there is to know about FFXIV PVP.

PvP is one of the cornerstones of any MMORPG. And while all of them had unique takes on it for a long time, like WoW's competitive PvP or ESO's world PvP FFXIV chose a more casual approach.

You could even argue that Endwalker PvP is in the best state it has ever been in thanks to some smart reworks to the core systems and reward structure. So if you're new to XIV or a returning player, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV PvP modes.

FFXIV PvP Explained

First, you need to know that PvP in FFXIV is completely optional. It exists outside of most reward structures involving PvE and even its combat system is a completely different one. Which begs the question, why do PvP in the first place?

There are really 3 three main reasons for it, first, it is a quick and easy way to farm up Tomestones for gear, second, you can earn currency and unique rewards that range from cosmetics to new mounts and titles and last but not least, it's fun.

PvP in XIV is best understood as a sort of party mode. you're here first and foremost to have a good time. And while there is the pressure of ranked and regionals being played out at Fan Fest, we have not reached esports levels yet but there are both official and fan-organized tournaments if that is up your speed.

But let's talk about the four modes first.


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The original PvP mode of FFXIV. Under the guidance of the three Grand Companies having a get-together to train this is FFXIV's large-scale PvP mode. 72 players divided into three groups compete against each other around objectives. Currently, there are 4 maps available, each featuring a different spin on the mode.

The Borderland Ruins (Secure): Here players fight to maintain control of bases scattered around the map, you'll need to hold as many points as possible to reach the score goal first.

Seal Rock (Seize): In this mode, players need to activate and hold Allagan tomeliths until all their data is acquired. Whoever meets the goal first, wins.

The Fields of Glory (Scatter): Similar to Seal Rock but players need to smash icebound tomeliths to acquire points. Unlike Seal Rock, just participating in smashing the ice is enough.

Onsal Hakair (Dansig Naadam): A mixture of Seal Rock and Borderland Ruins, players need to collect ovoos while defeating other players to gain points. The team that reaches the point goal first or has the most points at the end wins.

Frontlines, once unlocked also lets you participate in a daily roulette for extra rewards just as EXP, Gil, and or Tomestones.

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Rival Wings

This is FFXIV's take on the MOBA genre. here 48 players duke it out against each other and split up into two teams. These teams have to advance on each other's bases with the help of NPC minions and war machinima.

During these heated rounds of combat, players also need to fight over the control of resources so they can afford to spawn in incredibly powerful machines like the Cruise Chaser, the Oppressor, or Brute Justice.

In its current state, the mode flips between two maps and seems to be abandoned by Square Enix. The team did however promise they would rework the mode in the near future to work better with the new combat system.

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Crystalline Conflict

By far the most popular and hottest mode in FFXIV PvP. Here two groups of five compete against each other in a mode very similar to something like Payload, something you'd find in Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch 2.

The Two teams need to push a crystal into the other players' base while dodging and dealing with stage hazards. Whoever has the most players on the crystal moves it. Their rounds tend to last up to 5 minutes and whoever pushes the crystal into the enemy base first or gets the furthest wins.

You can only enter this mode solo and there is both casual and ranked play. Players can also form private matches with 10 players participating and up to 5 players watching. Private matches have no impact on your ranking whatsoever.


You'll also be glad to know that you can fight people 1v1 in the Wolfs Den. Simply approach the designated PvP area while not being in a party, open the context of a player of your choosing, and fight to the (almost) death.

How to Play PvP

As mentioned before, PvP is quite different from the regular combat system of FFXIV. Most Jobs play wildly different from their PvE incantations with most of them only using their base design as a reference.

Buttons are shaved down to a minimum, and even the base rotation can now be used with just one button. That doesn't mean jobs play the same though, quite the opposite in fact. Most jobs seem to embrace their identity with Machnists becoming menaces to society and Gunbreakers turning into invincible fortresses.

You also gain access to Recuperate which allows you to heal up mid-fight. Standard-Issue Elixir which lets you refresh all your resources. Purify which dispels all debuffs. Guards which lets you tank 90% of the damage and ignore debuffs. And last but not least there's Sprint which lets you sprint fast. Cool right?

That sums up everything you need to know about PvP in FFXIV. For more on the critically acclaimed MMORPG, check out our summary from the London Fan Fest and what you can expect from the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, or check up everything we know about the upcoming FFXVI collaboration event.

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