Malik Shelp
Malik Shelp
Malik specializes in esports photography, videography, video editing, and graphic design. He has also written Overwatch and Dota articles for over 2 years for DBLTAP and other esports outlets. You can learn more about Malik on our About page.

Exclusive Valorant Interviews: Hiko, Kaboose and Subroza

Valorant ESTNN ESPAT Image By: Kyle Miller
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ESTNN recently had a chance to chat with some of Valorant's biggest stars, Hiko, Kaboose and Subroza!

100T Hiko

Team Envy Kaboose

TSM Subroza

Thank you for watching, for more Valorant interviews follow us on our Valorant esports Twitter and check out our Valorant esports page.

Featured image: ESPAT by Kyle Miller

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