Ex-Astralis Man Cleared to Feature in Copenhagen Major

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Ex-Astralis Man Cleared to Feature in Copenhagen Major

A former Astralis member has successfully appealed against his ESIC ban ahead of the Copenhagen Major

The anticipation is electric as we inch closer to the 2024 Copenhagen Major; the first-ever CS2 Major! This historic event holds immense significance for Counter-Strike professionals, and participation will be a crowning achievement.

Adding to the excitement, a former Astralis member snagged a lucky break. His ESIC ban was recently reduced, allowing him to compete on home soil in this monumental tournament.

But who is this mysterious player, and what transgression landed him with a ban? Keep reading to find out!

Ex-Astralis Man Receives Greenlight to Feature in the Copenhagen Major

Peter “casle” Ardenskjold has won his appeal against his ESIC ban and can now freely participate in the PGL Major Copenhagen. The former Astralis head coach was slapped with a five-Major ban in 2020 for exploiting a coaching bug. After missing out on four, he finally receives some good news. ESIC accepted a late appeal for a reduced sentence and now the 37-year-old has no legal obstructions to participate in the Copenhagen Major.

Ex-Astralis Man Cleared to Feature in Copenhagen Major

Credit: Dust 2.us

In recent months, casle has been aiding ECSTATIC as an analyst, joining them in the server as a coach for the second IEM Dallas European open qualifier. Thomas Sinding, the co-owner of the organization, officially announced on the GLHF podcast on March 12th that casle's ban had been lifted, allowing him to participate in the Major alongside ECSTATIC.

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“Whether it will become permanent, time will tell,” casle revealed in an interview with Dust2.dk last month. “They are a team where the heart would be in the right place. I also think they have huge potential.”

ECSTATIC will be the only flagbearer of the home nation after heavyweights Astralis failed to qualify for the Major alongside Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen’s current team, Preasy. They also enter the fray as the least experienced quintet, as all five of their players will be playing their first S-tier event.

Ex-Astralis Man Cleared to Feature in Copenhagen Major
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