Evil Geniuses Unveils New Brand Redesign

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Evil Geniuses Unveils New Brand Redesign

The longstanding esport organization Evil Geniuses has rebranded and moved into a new chapter.

On to a new era

Evil Geniuses is a well-known name in the esports world. They have teams for League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS: GO, and Fortnite, with over a dozen championships between them. Today, the organization unveiled a complete overhaul of their logo and brand design, including the player jerseys. The rebrand also brings along new partner LG Electronics USA as an official sponsor of the team. The EG crest got a makeover, and the added edge to the monogram brings the logo to modern times. Live Evil is the new tagline of Evil geniuses, a departure from the traditional “Bleed Blue”. The overhaul of the design isn’t so much a needed change in the organization, but rather a welcome one.

Nicole LaPointe Jameson, chief executive officer of Evil Geniuses describes the redesign as “A culmination of over a year of incredibly hard work and dedication by our entire organization, fueled by the passion of our unshakable community, we’ve finally given a face to our vision that’s not only representative and respectful of our past, but also dictates EG’s place in the future of esports.” Rest easy, TI9 can be but behind us and going into 2020, look for new Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnson jerseys coming soon.

Gone are the days of the circular EG logo, and after 20 years, the organization’s revamp didn’t sit well with fans at first. Evil Geniuses posted a tweet on May 19th, and fans mourned the loss of their beloved circular crest. The current crest holds true to a few of the aspects that made the original logo so iconic while giving it a push into the modern era. After a standout performance at the LCS Spring Split, this change rings in a new decade for Evil Geniuses.

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