Evil Geniuses To Rely On Academy Roster In BLAST Showdown

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Evil Geniuses To Rely On Academy Roster In BLAST Showdown

The NA outfit will put faith in their young guns at the BLAST Spring Final qualifiers.

Evil Geniuses have registered their academy side, EG Black, for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023 Americas. The franchise have reshuffled their academy setup lately by merging two of their academy teams into one. There have also been talks of Jadan “⁠HexT⁠” Postma returning to EG Black from the senior team to make way for Ismail “⁠refrezh⁠” Ali.

Evil Geniuses look to Academy for BLAST

HexT has been playing at EG Black as Peter “⁠stanislaw⁠” Jarguz, but the Canadian’s academy team role might get permanent if rerezh joins the senior team. Peter “⁠stanislaw⁠” Jarguz has fallen out of favor at EG Black, but Evil Geniuses did not announce his departure.  Stanislaw’s future at Evil Geniuses seems ambiguous at the moment. 

EG Black recently ended their ESL Challenger League Season 44 campaign with a third-place finish. They picked up serial wins against timbermen, Strife, and TeamOne before losing to ATK. Paytyn “⁠junior⁠” Johnson was the team’s standout player in the competition with a 1.32 average over 23 maps. HexT played in the later stage of the tournament but still made sizable contributions to the team’s progress with an average score of 1.11. 

The BLAST Showdown for the Americas will start on March 29. Eight teams will participate in the tournament for the prize pool of $67,500. A spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals in Washington, D.C. is also up for grabs. EG Black will face Brazilian side FURIA to begin their journey in the tournament. The winner will progress to the next round of the competition. It’s shaping up to be an uphill battle for EG Black as their opponents are ranked 61 places above them.

Evil Geniuses To Rely On Academy Roster In BLAST Showdown
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