Evil Geniuses Qualify for Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023 by Dominating Cloud9

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Evil Geniuses Qualify for Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023 by Dominating Cloud9

The North American underdogs write the greatest Cinderella story of VCT by confirming their spot at the biggest Valorant tournaments of the year

Evil Geniuses didn’t even expect to be in this game, as their spot in the Playoffs depended on a highly unlikely upset in the 100 Thieves vs MIBR matchup. Coming from the possibility of ending their VCT Americas run early to dominating in the Playoffs against two of the most powerful North American contenders, this squad has proven its worth by writing one of the best Cinderella stories in 2023.

EG looked like a completely different team compared to their Regular Season form against Cloud9 in the Upper Bracket Semifinal. Kelden “Boostio” Pupello and his squad were aggressive in both maps, ending them in 13-5 and 13-2 scores. Their primary duelist Max “Demon1” Mazanov continued to dominate with a rating of 1.48 on Fracture and 1.39 on Bind. 

The roster didn’t lose a single pistol round in this series, unlike their match yesterday facing NRG, where they had a 0-6 pistol record and still won the Bo3. It seemed as if Evil Geniuses could do no wrong, as they were also grabbing multi-frags on individual duels alongside great team plays and site retakes. 


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LOUD and Evil Geniuses Confirm Spots in Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023

After winning their Upper Semifinal games, LOUD and Evil Geniuses are the top 3 rosters of the VCT Americas Playoffs, which means they are going to both the Masters and Champions events this year. 

The Champions 2022 winners and Brazilian Titans were expected to reach the biggest Valorant events of the year. However, EG, on the other hand, shocked everyone with their incredible run so far as they were considered to be one of the worst names in the Americas League in the first four weeks.

This turn of events for the North American underdogs can be largely attributed to Demon1 – the Duelist for the squad who has become one of the best Jett players in the tournament. This rookie has been highly confident so far, even without any experience in the Tier 1 Valorant scene. As we saw in this series, his aggressive plays have allowed the rest of the members to shine alongside him. Unfortunately, the newcomer won’t be able to attend Masters Tokyo for not being on the starting roster sooner. 

“We didn't even expect to be here” – Coach potter

After the unbelievable series win against Cloud9, Evil Guniuses coach Christine “potter” Chi expressed how they were not even sure of being in the Playoffs in a post-match interview, pointing to the fact that 100 Thieves’ unlikely defeat has allowed them to reach here.

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Qualify for Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023

Credit: Riot Games

After talking about how little preparation they had for these two Playoffs matches, potter also mentioned how it was a “no brainer” to get Ethan “Ethan” Arnold on the roster, mentioning his long Counter-Strike career as a Tier-1 player. Ethan has been a strong initiator for the team so far and has shown his experience by winning clutch situations with ease.

LOUD vs Evil Geniuses in Upper Final

Causing two back-to-back upsets in the Playoffs, Evil Geniuses are going to meet the strongest team of the Americas League on May 26’s Upper Final game. When compared to their Regular Season matchup, where EG had a dominating 13-3 start on Split and then went on to face a humiliating 0-13 defeat, it will be one of the most exciting games to watch and see how this new pace from the North Americans affects LOUD.

Evil Geniuses Qualify for Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023 by Dominating Cloud9
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