Evil Geniuses Confirm VCT Americas Playoffs Spot on the Back of 100 Thieves Defeat

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Evil Geniuses Confirm VCT Americas Playoffs Spot on the Back of 100 Thieves Defeat

After the 2-1 loss against MIBR, we won’t be seeing 100 Thieves in the VCT Americas Playoffs 

The final series of the Regular Season was the last remaining chance for 100 Thieves to make it to the Playoffs, with the condition of them coming out victorious. However, the North Americans faced a big upset against MIBR, concluding their run in the Americas League.

100 Thieves Can’t Reach the Playoffs after Losing to MIBR

With a dominating start on Fracture, the Brazilian underdogs looked powerful in the series – an unexpected scene considering their 2-6 record in the tournament. Pearl was the only map that wasn’t one-sided, all thanks to Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban’s incredible performance. 

This defeat not only has snatched 100 Thieves’ Playoffs spot but has also taken away their possibility to compete in Masters Tokyo this year. Therefore, their next appearance will be in the Last Chance Qualifier event, where the First Strike winners will fight to go to the 2023 Champions.

Evil Geniuses Are Going to the VCT Americas Playoffs with a 4-5 Record

Evil Geniuses will go to the VCT Americas Playoffs

Credit: Riot Games

After losing their last game facing NRG, the fate of Evil Geniuses was not in their hands, and them reaching the Playoffs depended on 100 Thieves’ defeat against MIBR. With such an unbelievable upset coming true, Christine “potter” Chi’s crew is getting ready for their first Playoffs game against NRG Esports. 

This North American roster had a terrible start in this event, facing the only 0-13 defeat in VCT Split. However, their last few games, with the exception of the series against NRG, have shown a different look of this team, allowing them to barely reach the Playoffs with the 6th seed. 

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VCT Americas Playoffs Teams

With the Regular Season coming to an end, here are 6 teams who have made it to the Playoffs of the 2023 VCT Americas –

  1. LOUD: 8 – 1
  2. Cloud9: 8 – 1
  3. NRG Esports: 6 – 3
  4. Leviatán: 4 – 5
  5. FURIA: 4 – 5
  6. Evil Geniuses: 4 – 5

For a detailed look at the matches, check out our VCT Americas 2023 Schedule.