Evil Geniuses acquires Dignitas Female Valorant team

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Evil Geniuses acquires Dignitas Female Valorant team

Evil Geniuses now have a second group of masterminds in their Valorant bullpen as they have acquired the entire Dignitas Female team.

Evil Geniuses is one of the many organizations vying for a Valorant franchise spot. They have just taken an additional step that's made it clear they're all-in on Valorant and announced the complete acquisition of the Dignitas Female Valorant team from Dignitas.

Consisting of EMUHLEET, rain, Theia, showliana and Stephanie, Dignitas ranked as a top-five all-women's Valorant team last year. Renamed EG's Game Changers, EMUHLEET maintains her spot as team captain, with her husband Xp3 taking point as team coach for the Game Changers.

According to an exclusive Washington Post interview with Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson, overall EG Valorant coach Christine “potter” Chi will also oversee the Game Changers.

With the competitive landscape of Valorant slated to change after franchising decisions finalize, it will be interesting to see how the all-women scene heats up.



Evil Geniuses acquires Dignitas Female Valorant team
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