Every Random Events In The Finals

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Every Random Events In The Finals

Here is a list of all the random events in The Finals

The Finals is one of the hottest FPS games right now. Developed by Embark Studios and released during The Game Awards 2023, this title has surged in popularity recently due to its amazing gunplay and impressive environments. The destruction on the maps and the diversity of classes and weapons with a unique game mode make The Finals one of the most-played shooters of recent times. Another aspect that the players are greatly impressed by are the random events that occur during the span of a match which enhance that chaos and add some spice to the games.

So, we have decided to compile all the possible events that may randomly occur during a match. This will help you prepare for the next time you queue into a game in The Finals.

What are Random Events in The Finals

As the name suggests, Random Events are occurrences in a game that help make the match more exciting and add chaos. These do not put anyone at a particular disadvantage but rather give an opportunity to teams to adapt and use it to their benefit. Adapting to the events plays out as a skill in itself and is crucial for players to utilize in scenarios.

Every Random Events In The Finals

Credit: Embark Studios

Therefore it becomes vital for every player to understand how these events work and their effects. With that knowledge, they can try to play the how they find would present the most benefit. Ranging from meteors falling from the sky to low gravity, The Finals has a very large group of events that may occur randomly throughout a game.

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All Random Events

In its current state, at the time of writing, the game has a total of seven random events. These are listed below:

  • Meteor Shower: During this event, the arena will have meteors falling from the sky. The meteors will be giant objects on fire and will cause damage and destruction to the environment surrounding their impact zone. Players will also get damaged if they are in the range of impact, and if they are close enough, they can die as well.
  • Alien Invasion: Upon the start of this event, UFOs will appear in the skies and will shoot green beams on the ground. This will cause destruction to the environment and also damage players. The UFOs can also use a gravitational pull, picking up objects within a specified range below them and dropping everything down on the ground.
  • Low Gravity: This one is quite self-explanatory. The arena will have a reduced gravity effect. This will allow players to jump much higher and further than normal.

Every Random Events In The Finals

Credit: Embark Studios

  • Orbital Lasers: This is a laser beam that fires upon players standing still for too long in a match, dealing 100 damage. There is a charge-up time before the laser actually fires. The player targeted will see a blue impact zone appear around him, which gives him the chance to move away and avoid the laser.
  • Dead Go Boom: This event causes players to explode upon being eliminated. Whenever a player dies, their bodies will explode and deal damage to anyone close by and cause destruction to the environment.
  • Mega-Damage: This event increases the damage output dealt by every player in the match. That means everyone will be able to dish out more damage and kill enemies faster for a short amount of time.
  • Death Match: This event encourages players to be more aggressive and try to go for kills. During this event, players will be awarded more cash for eliminating enemies, allowing them to get closer to their targetted cashout value faster.
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When do Random Events happen

Normally these events happen during the 2nd phase of a match. There is no guarantee but the chance of them occurring increases after the first 10 minutes of a game. This makes the events a little more unpredictable but still gives the players a chance to be ready for them whenever they occur.

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Every Random Events In The Finals
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