Shroud Has His Say on CoD Players Claiming The Finals is “Too Much…”

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Shroud Has His Say on CoD Players Claiming The Finals is “Too Much…”

Shroud gives us his say on the recent feedback from CoD players saying that The Finals is “Too Much”

The Finals is one of the most popular games in the FPS genre as hundreds of thousands of gamers are playing it. After being released during The Game Awards 2023, players have flooded the servers after seeing the potential in this unique shooter. Even content creators worldwide have expressed how good the game is and have been grinding it every day. However, players from another franchise, Call of Duty, claim the game is “too much” with the environment, destruction, and utility present during a match.

One of the most well-renowned FPS streamers and ex-professional CSGO player, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, came up with a response to these claims while playing The Finals and shared his thoughts on the game.

Shroud says The Finals is “too much” for CoD Players

During one of his streams, shroud was discussing how The Finals may not feel the same for players coming from different games. Despite having a great time himself, he said that the game can be “too much for the CoD brain”. He further added by saying that it's normal and players will need time to adjust.

Even though The Finals is similar to Call of Duty and often compared with the franchise, it is still vastly different in what it offers. This unique arcade-arena shooter theme is very new and in many ways different from CoD, which has been in the market for a much longer time.

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People across numerous platforms have said that The Finals is more niche compared to Call of Duty and is completely different. Due to the mass diversity of roles and the way the match works, every game is not going to be the same. There will be times when players have to adapt to new roles, like from being more support-focused to becoming an absolute unit in gunfights. A lot of players agree that that very aspect of The Finals is its most massive selling point.

Many expect The Finals to have a smaller but more dedicated community, something that games like Apex Legends have. There is more to games like those than shooting guns.

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Shroud Has His Say on CoD Players Claiming The Finals is “Too Much…”
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