The Finals: All Carriable Items and How To Use Them

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The Finals: All Carriable Items and How To Use Them

Here is a list of The Finals all carriable items and how you can use them to your advantage

One of the most popular FPS games right now is The Finals, developed by Embark Studios. It was released during the 2023 Game Awards and has seen a rise in players since then. After a very successful beta phase and some much-needed changes, the fast-paced area shooter is now ready to take the gaming world by storm. One of the key aspects of the game is using the environment to your advantage. Due to the impressive destruction mechanics and items in the arena, players can use these to turn the tide of a game.

So let’s a look at all the items that can be picked up and used to help you get out of some sticky situations in The Finals.

The Finals: All Carriable Items

One of the mechanics of the game is the ability to pick up items from the environment and place or throw them. These can be highly effective in combat as some of these objects have effects on their surroundings if thrown or shot at using a weapon. Many players are unaware of these and aren’t able to use them to their advantage in matches. Therefore, it is suggested to keep an eye out for these items in case you may need them.

How to Use Carriable Items

The most effective items are the cylinders, each contains a specific effect on their surroundings if shot at or thrown. If used in the right situation, some of these can be very good at flushing out enemies or clearing areas. A list of these cylinders and how you can use them is given below:

  • Flammable Cylinders: These cylinders are yellow colored. They are filled with highly flammable gas. These do not explode on impact though. After throwing it, you need to shoot at it, after a couple of shots it will explode and leave its surroundings on fire. This is great for AOE damage. It can be effective if you are trying to keep enemies off the cashout stations and stop them from stealing your money. The high damage from the flames will be enough to even kill off an entire team if they are close enough.
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The Finals: All Carriable Items and How To Use Them
Credits: Embark Studios
  • Explosive Cylinders: These are similar to the Flammable Cylinders, but they explode on impact after being thrown. However, these red-colored cylinders will leave no fiery residue. It acts like an impact grenade and can be used for the same purposes as a Flammable Cylinder. If you see a lot of enemies close to each other, grab one of these and chuck it near the cluster. At the very least all enemies will be quite low on health and be easy to take out. 
  • Toxic Gas Cylinders: These will be colored green and contain highly poisonous gas. Once exploded, it will spread the toxins within a short area and cause AOE damage, similar to the Flammable Cylinders. They function almost like the Gas Mine gadgets available for Medium-built players. However, the gas can be countered with fire gadgets, as the flames will dissolve all the toxins in the fire. So make sure to not use any Pyro Grenades or Flammable Cylinders while the gas is still active.
  • Goo Cylinders: These are pink in color and work just like the Goo Grenades. After exploding, they will form a wall of goo to block off enemies. If you are looking for some cover while traversing the map or need to protect yourself while trying to defend a Cashout Station, look for one of these. In case you don’t have a Goo Grenade, the Goo Cylinders can come in quite handy.
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The Finals: All Carriable Items and How To Use Them
Credit: Embark Studios
  • Smoke Cylinders: These black cylinders, contain smoke inside them. They release a heavy fog of smoke after exploding. This will disrupt the enemy's vision and deny them any information about what's happening inside the smoke. They act just like smoke grenades and can be used if you need to cross an open area with some cover. They can be effective for some sneaky plays too, like stealing a Cashout Station right under the nose of an enemy team in the cover of the smoke.

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The Finals: All Carriable Items and How To Use Them
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