How to Defend Cashout Stations in The Finals

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How to Defend Cashout Stations in The Finals

Here are a few crucial tips and strategies that will help you defend your next Cashout Station in The Finals tournaments

You’ve unlocked a Vault and run up to a Cashout Station, and after inserting the Cash Box, it’s now time to defend it. However, with multiple teams trying to steal your money, defending the cashout is impossible without a proper strategy.

In The Finals, the main objective of tournaments and quick cash matches is to get the highest amount of money by cashing out vaults. After one team puts their cash box in a station, others try to steal it to become the victors. That’s why defending Cashout Stations is a crucial element of the game.

This guide will give you some of the most useful tips and strategies for successfully standing your grand and not letting any other team steal your money in The Finals. Let’s get to it!

Use Traps to Prevent Steal

How to Defend Cashout Stations in The Finals

The first and most obvious tip is to use trap mines around the Cashout Station to prevent steals. There are a lot of traps available in The Finals that you can equip with your loadout for defending an area, such as:

  • Explosive Mine
  • Gas Mine
  • Glitch Trap
  • Pyro Mine

For example, if you leave a gas mine around a station, an unsuspecting enemy might step on it while trying to steal the cash. Poison gas will then surround the area of the station, not allowing anyone to snatch the cash for a certain period.

Many players, however, don’t know the best locations for placing the mines. Putting them on the station itself will often not work, as any player can steal the cash without triggering the mines. Therefore, it’s better to have them in unsuspecting places, such as stairs, windows, and at the end of ziplines.

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Grenades Are Your Friend

There are many kinds of grenades in The Finals, and they work excellently to not only steal a Cashout Station but to defend it as well. One such example is the Pyro Grenade, which spreads fire in a deployed area, dealing significant damage to any thief who is trying to grab your funds.

Some of the best grenades to use for defending Cashout Stations are:

  • Gas Grenade
  • Pyro Grenade
  • Frag Granade

All of these are available for every class. As a result, strategize with your teammates on who carries what during a match. When you see your Cashout Station beeping, throw one of these grenades while your team runs in to defend the point.

High Ground = Victory

As with any other game of similar style, having the high ground provides you with tons of advantage in The Finals, and you should use height to trample your enemies while defending a Cashout Station.

Suppose your Cashout Station is on the ground and in a pretty open area. Then, trying to defend it from the low ground would be a mistake. In this case, you would want your light player to sneak up on cash stealers while you damage the opponents from the rooftops of surrounding buildings.

Break Those Ziplines

How to Defend Cashout Stations in The Finals

Cashout Stations are often found in floating structures on the map, and the only way to reach them is either with the ziplines or by getting on a jump pad. Therefore, it’s time to make it harder for the enemies to reach the point you are defending.

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You can break ziplines by shooting the metal part of it or by meleeing it. Destroy any and all ziplines that will lead other teams up your cashout point. However, don’t destroy the horizontal ones to ensure that you and your team can traverse around the floating structures properly.

Doing this will leave the other teams no choice but to use jump pads or try to bring the station down through explosives.

Move the Chashout Stations

Have a station in an area where it’s hard to defend? Then move it.

While it’s true that you can’t move a station like other objects in The Finals, you can bring them down with explosives. Therefore, in a scenario where the Cashout Station is on a floor that’s hard to defend, you can destroy the floor and get it downstairs and even enjoy a high ground where you can easily have an advantage over the enemies.

Another example would be stations are that on open rooftops, where other teams can easily see the defenders. In this case, getting it down one floor is an excellent strategy for preventing steals.

Coordinated Surprise

Finally, the most effective way to stop anyone from stealing your Cashout Station is to surprise them with a coordinated attack.

As one of the opposing squads tries to steal your cashout, your team’s Heavy drops a Deployable Shield, kills the stealer and then wins the fight with a 3v2 advantage. This is just one of the many ways you can plan a surprise attack. The most important aspect is to plan with your teammate first so everyone knows their duty.

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How to Defend Cashout Stations in The Finals
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