The Finals Movement Guide: How to Be Swift and Deadly

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The Finals Movement Guide: How to Be Swift and Deadly

Here is a detailed guide on mastering The Finals movement to traverse through the map quickly and win fights easily

Movement is one of the most important aspects of The Finals. No matter how good your aim is, bad movement will highly contribute to you losing fights. Additionally, not being able to smoothly traverse through the map will only ruin your experience.

The movement in The Finals is similar to Apex Legends: fast-paced with unique techniques to exploit. With this detailed movement guide, you will be able to learn how to move faster, climb buildings easier and win fights in unfavorable situations.

Sprint and Slide

To perform a slide in The Finals, you need to gain momentum by sprinting. That’s why it’s better to have your sprint on toggle instead of hold.

If you prefer having it on hold, use “C” as your crouch key to slide.

Similar to Apex Legends, you are able to slide and jump to gain momentum and break the crosshair placement of your opponents while in a fight. To do this, follow these movement instructions:

  • Sprint to gain momentum 
  • While sprinting, crouch to slide
  • Jump right after

You can strafe after the jump to break the crosshair placement of your enemy and win more fights. Strafing means to move with “A” or “D” while in the air, and we will dive into this mechanic more in this guide.

Bunny Hopping

In simple terms, performing multiple jumps and incorporating movement into it is called bunny hopping. However, if you do not have enough momentum, you will keep slowing down faster after each jump. That’s why it’s essential to gain movement before bunny hopping, and here are a few ways to do it in The Finals:

  • Use the Dash ability of the light class
  • Use the momentum you get from jump pads
  • Sprint before jumping
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The best hops you can get in The Finals are after getting a speed boost from jump pads. However, make sure to sprint to get farther. 

Sliding Onto Jump Pads

Many beginners still do not know how to use jump pads properly in The Finals, as they just walk onto a pad to gain height. The best way to use jump pads is to slide onto them as you will go farther while also gaining height, along with going at the highest speed possible.

After placing a jump pad or before using one that’s built into the maps, start sprinting and press and hold crouch right before getting onto the pad. Afterwards, you can bunnyhop on landing to go even farther. 

Air Strafing 

You have placed a pad and jumped to get on top of a building. Sadly, the rooftop is a bit to the left, and you are flying forward. However, if you used your movement key, you would be able to control where you go in the air and make a successful leap onto the building. This mechanic is known as air strafing. 

To air strafe in The Finals, all you have to do is press A or D while also moving your mouse in the direction you want to go while in the air. Mastering air strafing will allow you to move wherever you want while in the air precisely. 


The first thing you should understand about mantling in The Finals is that climbing up objects is always easier when you look up. This way, you can climb up effortlessly through windows and the railing of the stairs.

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Stair mantling lets you quickly go up multiple floors without spending a lot of time sprinting through the stairs. All you have to do is climb up the middle of the railing, then quickly turn 180 degrees and keep climbing and continuing this motion. 

Window Hopping

Oftentimes, stairs are camped by enemies or have traps on them to stop pushes. Therefore, it’s always better to learn window hopping to catch the enemies off-guard. 

Window hopping means climbing up the windows one by one. To do this, you have to start from the ledge of a window, then look up and climb onto the next one. Remember that after climbing to the next window, you have to move back a little bit to place yourself onto the window's ledge to climb up the next one.

Light Class Dash

If you are playing the light class and using dash as your ability, you can perform cool movement tricks to gain an advantage over your opponents. Here are some great ways to use dash:

  • Reload while dashing to break your enemy’s crosshair placement
  • Dash onto a jump pad to gain a massive speed boost
  • After jumping out of a window, you can dash back in to catch your opponent off-guard
  • Incorporate bunny hopping after a dash to go a farther distance
  • Alongside dashing forward, you can also dash left, right and backwards by using the A, D and S keys
  • By looking up and dashing, you can get so extra height to jump up to rooftops

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The Finals Movement Guide: How to Be Swift and Deadly
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