End Of An Era: Paris Major Set To Become The Last CSGO Major

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End Of An Era: Paris Major Set To Become The Last CSGO Major

Valve confirms there will be no second CSGO Major in 2023, making the Paris Major the only showpiece CSGO event of the year. 

BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 will be the last first-gen CSGO Major. The Counter-Strike developers have confirmed that the next Major will not take place before 2024, and it will feature the upcoming Counter-Strike 2.

The Paris Major, which is scheduled to start on May 8, will mark the end of an era. The Dreamhack Winter 2013 was the first CSGO Major to take place. The upcoming tournament in France will be the 19th and the final Major in CSGO history. 

Valve had earmarked November 2023 for the second Major of the year, but they decided to cancel the event as the Counter-Strike sequel is only months away from a full release. The next Major will be held in March 2024 and players will have to prove their CS 2 skills to lead their teams to glory. 

Valve made this decision only a few days after announcing that the CS2 limited testing phase is now live. They are eyeing a summer release for the game. The CSGO sequel would have come out only months before the second 2023 Major had the event gone on.

Why Did Valve Cancel The Second 2023 CSGO Major?

The Bellevue-based company did not disclose the official reason for scrapping the November Major. They also did not reveal whether their decision had anything to do with the Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) moving the official summer tournament break a month forward. 

The CSPPA have announced that the month-long interlude will take place from June 9-July 12 this year. In previous years, they usually scheduled the summer breaks between July-August. CSPPA representatives had announced that they would negotiate the timing of the break with Valve so that the intermission could better align with the CSGO Majors calendar.

The CSGO community has shared mixed reactions to the news. Some have praised Valve for giving players enough time to familiarize themselves with the new game, while some have pointed out the financial loss teams would incur because of the event’s cancellation. 

Teams make a significant amount of money through sticker sales during the Majors. Participating teams and players earned no less than $70 million from digital items sales during the PGL Major Stockholm and PGL Major Antwerp. 

End Of An Era: Paris Major Set To Become The Last CSGO Major
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