Elephant.4AM Claims First Seed At The CDA-FDC Professional Championship

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Elephant.4AM Claims First Seed At The CDA-FDC Professional Championship

The newest Chinese Dota 2 team finally showed its prowess.

Elephant.4AM is the newest Dota 2 team in China that consists of some of the best players in the region. Even though everyone expected them to dominate from the very beginning, the team crumbled against Royal Never Give Up in their debut.

After the unfortunate 0-2 loss, some fans thought that Xu “fy” Linsen and his teammates won’t be able to live up to the expectations. However, they’ve managed to bounce back quickly after winning two series in a row.

Defeating EHOME and Team MagMa


The second day of the tournament was great for the young team as they managed to rip through the competition. In the first game of the series, they won against EHOME, which was really interesting to watch because EHOME has been in really good form recently.

After the success, E4AM continued its dominance, but this time, it was against Team MagMa. The first game of the series was a walk in the park for the Chinese all-star team because they needed just 16 minutes to walk over their opponents.

Following the loss, MagMa couldn’t really recover in the second game, which is why they lost yet again. Sadly, this loss also was the last nail in the coffin for them because they are now officially eliminated from the tournament.

4AM is now occupying the first spot in Group A, which means that they will go directly to the semifinals.

What happened with PSG.LGD?

Group B is also pretty interesting because it has a few big names in it. However, PSG.LGD seems to be in excellent form after they’ve dominated every team in its group. In fact, they finished with a score of 6-0, which is pretty impressive. Sparking Arrow Gaming (SAG) will join Team MagMa, since they finished last in their group.

Don’t forget to watch the playoffs, which start on October 26. Feel free to follow ESTNN for more Dota 2 information.

Elephant.4AM Claims First Seed At The CDA-FDC Professional Championship
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