EG’s Game Changers Series 3 Run: Lower Bracket to Champions

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EG’s Game Changers Series 3 Run: Lower Bracket to Champions

EG's Game Changers run was nothing short of inspiration; a lower bracket run to the grand finals, where they claimed the North America's VCT Game Changers Series 3 Championship title

In an astounding feat of resilience and skill, Evil Geniuses (EG) emerged victorious, defeating Version1 (V1) to complete a remarkable lower bracket run at North America's VCT Game Changers Series Three. Their 3-1 victory not only secured Evil Geniuses GC the prestigious regional title but also earned them a coveted spot in the upcoming VALORANT Game Changers World Championship in São Paulo, Brazil.

EG's Lower Bracket Run

After being knocked down from the Upper Quarter Finals by a 2:1 defeat by Shopify Rebellion GC, the Champion title seemed further out of reach from Evil Geniuses. Nevertheless, they remained determined to take the challenge head-on, remaining victories in all the matches up to the Grand Finals, beating Disguised GC, Wingman Patrol and Complexity GX3.

Their rematch against Shopify Rebellion GC, the team that have knocked them into the lower brackets spelled Evil Geniuses' shot at redemption. They took the opportunity to knock Shopify in the Lower Finals. Evil Geniuses made history by preventing Shopify Rebellion from making it to the Grand Finals, marking a significant milestone in North American Game Changers history. This achievement held special significance for team veterans Lorrian “Lorri” Elad and Melisa “Theia” Mundorff.

A Story of Determination and Sacrifice

Lorri, a core member for the past two years, faced uncertainty when dropped from the SR squad in early September. Within a week of the qualifiers starting, she received the news that she would be competing with Evil Geniuses. Despite having to skip practice to attend a wedding, Lorri's extensive experience facing off against the V1 core of Melanie “meL” Capone and Alexis Guarrasi played a crucial role in Evil Geniuses' inspiring run. This victory marks Lorri's second career Game Changers World Championship appearance, leaving her former team behind for the post-season.

As for Theia, her captaincy in VALORANT is a new role, but her FPS experience dates back to her early years in CS:GO. Starting her journey at the age of 15 as an aspiring professional, she eventually signed with Dignitas Female and later transitioned to VALORANT with the organization. This historic run has showcased Theia's leadership capabilities, proving she's more than capable of guiding her team to victory.

Evil Geniuses GC Heads to Brazil

EG's Game Changers Series 3 Run: Lower Bracket to Champions
Credit: Evil Geniuses

Theia, Lorri, and the entire EG roster will have the opportunity to prove themselves on the global stage when the 2023 VALORANT Game Changers World Championship commences on Nov. 28. They enter as North America's second seed, with V1's performances securing them the top spot in the 2023 circuit.

EG’s Game Changers Series 3 Run: Lower Bracket to Champions
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