EG Make Playoffs from Group B After Defeating DRX – VCT Masters Tokyo 

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EG Make Playoffs from Group B After Defeating DRX – VCT Masters Tokyo 

From getting 13-0’d in VCT Americas to defeating DRX in a dominating style, EG’s Cinderella story is going to continue in the Playoffs of the Masters 2023

Evil Geniuses are the first team in the Group Stage to qualify for the Masters Tokyo Playoffs, and they have done it through back-to-back 2-0 victories in Group B’s opening and winners matches. 

Their first victory at the event comes from the series facing EMEA’s #3 seed FUT Esports, a match where Kelden “Boostio” Pupello became the hero with an incredible performance, an ACS of 271 and the first ace of Masters Tokyo. 

In the winners Bo3 against DRX, one of the best squads in the Pacific region, the North Americans were the underdogs, and they managed to shock the world yet again with a convincing 2-0 victory. The series started on Fracture, with Evil Geniuses looking surprisingly dominant. With Alexander “jawgemo” Mor taking control of the match, they were able to defeat the South Koreans in a dominating 13-5 score.

Ascent, the following map, was where EG replicated the composition of DRX themselves, and Max “Demon1” Mazanov finally broke his slumber with a dominating 23-11 K-D and an ACS of 284. The 13-9 victory has allowed Boostio’s squad to reach the Playoffs with a 2-0 run in the Group Stage. 

EG Continue Their Cinderella Tale

Evil Geniuses Qualify for Playoffs in Masers Tokyo

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When this roster started their journey at VCT Americas, many considered them to be the worst North America has to offer after looking at their struggling defeats in the first few weeks of the Regular Season. EG quickly adapted to their competitors, and after getting Demon1 in their lineup, the squad started to look completely different. 

However, EG making it to the Playoffs was unlikely since they had to rely on MIBR bringing a big upset against 100 Thieves. Luckily, the upset took place, but the North Americans had to defeat two of the strongest names from their region, NRG and Cloud9, to dream for Masters Tokyo. With the help of the newcomer, the squad achieved the impossible.

Now, they are continuing their incredible Cinderella story in Japan with a 2-0 Group Stage run. It’s been a journey full of excitement for the team and now they are getting ready to face the bests of VALORANT eSports.

EG Make Playoffs from Group B After Defeating DRX – VCT Masters Tokyo 
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