“We Are Here to Pick Up More Victories” – EDG CHICHOO Ready to Win Playoffs

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“We Are Here to Pick Up More Victories” – EDG CHICHOO Ready to Win Playoffs

After overpowering T1 in the decider match, EDG’s Wan “CHICHOO” Shunzhi thanked the team’s coaches and expressed that they were ready for more victories

EDward Gaming have secured the Playoffs of Masters Tokyo by winning the deciders match against T1. This was their second upset against a favored squad after the exciting series versus NAVI. 

Wan “CHICHOO” Shunzhi, EDG’s Sentinel and Controller player, joined Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez in a post-match interview after making history by taking the first Chinese team to Playoffs at a global LAN. He was asked how the team kept looking better each game, as they appeared the most dominant in the series against T1. CHICHOO thanked the coaches of the roster for such rapid improvements, saying, “Shoutout to our coaching team, three of them. They really had a thorough preview of our matches. They would tell us details about some communication issues within our games. Also, they would have very rapid improvements for us.” 

EDG have a head coach and two assistant coaches who have worked behind the scenes to secure the two Group Stage wins in incredible fashion.

“We are not here to only take one victory”

The squad didn’t get ahead of themselves after causing the massive upset against NAVI the day before, something we commonly see from rookie teams after they experience unbelievable victories. When inquired about this phenomenon, CHICHOO had a clear and concise answer – “Because we are very, very clear that we are not here to only take one victory. We are here to pick up more victories, more wins and go further at this Masters.”

EDward Gaming (EDG) at Masters Tokyo

Credit: Riot Games

EDG CHICHOO wants to fight Liquid nAts

Lastly, Goldenboy asked about which team he wanted to play in the Playoffs of Masters Tokyo. CHICHOO replied in two words – “Liquid nAts.”

Team Liquid’s Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin has often been in the conversation of the best player of VALORANT. During his time in Gambit, the lurker defined incredible meta and playstyle that are used even in the present days. He recently helped his teammate secure the Grand Final victory against FNATIC in the EMEA league. 

CHICHOO has been a consistent member of EDG, and he shined bright in the last game versus T1, picking up an incredible 31-15 K-D and an ACS of 230. 

“We Are Here to Pick Up More Victories” – EDG CHICHOO Ready to Win Playoffs
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