EA to Reimburse Apex Legends Major One Competitors

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EA to Reimburse Apex Legends Major One Competitors

Electronic Arts will reimburse teams attending the postponed Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Major One.

Electron Arts and Respawn Entertainment have confirmed they will reimburse all non-refundable purchases made by every player attending the ALGS Major One event. The Major One was supposed to be scheduled to play during this week. Although, EA announced last week that the Major One was delayed after COVID-19 caused EA to amend tournaments across all their esport titles.

John Nelson, Senior Director and Commissioner of Apex Legends Competitive Gaming sent an email out to all competitors attending the ALGS Major One. The email outlined that competitors will receive reimbursements on all travel arrangements, hotels and/or other accommodation, travel documentation like visas bills, or cancellation and fees. Players just need to provide proof of these charges and send them to EA to receive compensation.

These reimbursements are up to $1,500 USD per player, meaning that each team has $4,500 of reimbursements each.This will no doubt cover most teams’ expenses.

A much needed life line

Originally, this was a massive concern for orgless teams, who had to self-fund their trip to Major One. Teams that were not directly seeded into the semi-finals were self-funding their trip to the Major One. This was a major issue for teams who were primarily coming from less funded esport regions.

These teams had to be given tips, a family investment and/or money from their own pockets to live their dreams. With the Major One postponed, it left many teams in a position where they could not afford to reschedule their competition.

This left teams like High Quality, a South Korean orgless team with the inability to re-fund their trip. Before EA confirmed their reimbursement strategy, charity streams like TSM’s Diego “diegosaurs” Raymond Navarrette raised $3,700 USD for High Quality. But this was for only one team. Other teams like 4K and Armory Gaming were also left without funds.

EA’s reimbursement strategy offers a valuable lifeline for many teams. With this in place, these teams with concerns can attend the yet to be announced new dates for the Major One. Hopefully, the event turns out to be a fantastic welcome back event for everyone in the Apex Legends scene.

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