Dupreeh Has Joined Heroic Esports

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Dupreeh Has Joined Heroic Esports

Dupreeh, the most decorated player in CS:GO history, has joined Heroic Esports.

After a year and a half with Team Vitality as an active player and four months on their benched roster, Dupreeh is moving on to another organization: Heroic Esports.

Heroic Esports announced the news earlier today. The tweet announcing Dupreeh's signing confirms that Dupreeh will initially stay with the organization through 2023, indicating he may or may not continue as a member of Heroic Esports in 2024.

Dupreeh's final season with Team Vitality was very successful, with Team Vitality's most notable victories this year being 1st-place finishes at Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023 and BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, Blast's first hosted Major tournament and the final CS:GO Major.

FaZe Clan won the first CS2 Major earlier this month at IEM Sydney 2023 and have shown themselves fierce CS2 competitors. It will be interesting to see how Dupreeh helps Heroic Esports fare for the rest of the year.

Dupreeh Has Joined Heroic Esports
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