Goku Black Fortnite Leaks – 2 Huge New Skins

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Goku Black Fortnite Leaks – 2 Huge New Skins

This is everything we know about the potential Goku Black Fortnite skin that has recently been leaked in the game.

Fortnite’s collaborations with Dragon Ball have proved to be some of their best, and an upcoming batch of content might bring even more to the game. A big villain from Dragon Ball Super could be coming to the game. At least that’s according to dataminers. We’ve just seen Goku Black Fortnite leaks that have come out recently.

Fortnite leaked skins pop up with pretty much every update. There are always new skins in the code or references to upcoming store features that give away something that’s coming soon. When it comes to collabs, finding what’s coming next can be a big hint at the game’s full content. Recent crossovers like Fortnite x My Hero Academia have had full mythics. The most recent Star Wars crossover has taken over for three whole weeks! Another Dragon Ball X Fortnite collab could mean more mythics and different weapons hitting the game too.

This is what we’ve learnt from the recent Dragon Ball Goku Black Fortnite leaks, and why a certain character might be coming soon.

Dragon Ball Goku Black Fortnite Leaks

Goku Black Fortnite Skin Leaks

Fortnite’s leaks come from loads of places, but the most common for skins is old-fashioned datamining. This is where we learnt about Creative 2.0 before it became UnrealFN. It’s where we learn about the return of weapons through updating their stats, and for skins it’s a never-ending source of hints.

The most recent batch has got people excited because they look very likely to be a Goku Black Fortnite skin. The Dragon Ball Fortnite skins have been some of the most successful in the game lately. Both the overall content in the game like Kamehameha and the skins themselves in the item shop have been some of the popular areas for the game. It makes sense we’d be getting more. A lot of fans had opinions on who we should get next, but a recent leak means it might be a Dragon Ball Goku Black Fortnite skin.

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A recent datamine has found a few details for an upcoming skin. The first is that it is cel-shaded. This matches with it a being an anime skin! The next is that there are two pickaxes, one with a pink head. Next is a Dual pickaxe, then a feature that keeps the pickaxe out while sprinting.

The cel-shaded element speaks for itself. The two variants and pink head would line up with Goku Black’s various forms in the show. Other Dragon Ball skins have had multiple transformations to match up with the manga and TV show, Goku Black in Fortnite would likely get his pink or Super Saiyan Rose form too. The Pickaxe and dual pickaxe would even tie in with ki attacks from the show.

Is a Fortnite Goku Black Skin Coming?

Goku Black Fortnite Skin Leaks

That’s what’s been found in an upcoming skin, but is this going to be Goku Black? It’s difficult to know for sure. Everything about this skin would line up perfectly though!

Even outside of those details, it makes sense for where the Dragon Ball skins would go next. Throwing in a villain is the next easy pick after the Fortnite skins we’ve had so far. Some might have expected Frieze or Cell before a Dragon Ball Super villain, but it makes a bit of sense when you consider Goku is already in the game. Goku has looked a bit janky. Fans have already mocked up how the character would look with the updated model used for Gohan. A new Goku skin would allow the skin to be updated.

If he’s being paired with a hero character, it would even allow them to bring Future Trunks into the game. The Terminator-inspired time travelling hero isn’t the biggest part of Dragon Ball’s cast, but his sword and gang-sign-wielding combat style has made him a massive fan favourite! Bringing him to the game with a Goku Black Fortnite skin would be a pretty popular bundle.

Who is Goku Black?

Goku Black Fortnite Skin Leaks

Goku Black isn’t as instantly recognisably as Frieza. Just who is the character? He’s the primary antagonist in one arc of Dragon Ball Super, a revival of the franchise that ended recently.

In the show, he’s an apprentice to a Supreme Kai (A god) who becomes angry at mortals and decides to kill them all. To do that, he uses the wish-granting Dragon Balls to steal the body of an alternative timeline Goku. Then he goes to another universe, teams up with an alternative version of himself, and starts cleansing the universe of non-gods. Until Goku and his friends get a visitor from the future and decide to get involved.

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His appearance in the source material was fun. It’s now more known for its notoriously messy ending, where a character literally presses a reset button and gets the alternative timeline deleted, and all consequences swept into a tidy box not to be mentioned again. An evil version of Goku was fun to see though and he’d be a great fit for a new Fortnite skin.

What Would Hit the Game?

This new Goku Black Fortnite skin might be coming very soon to the game! However, we don’t know much else about what would come with it. We can assume it’ll be Goku Black as one skin, along with old skins coming back. That means you can grab Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, and the rest when the skins come back to the shop.

We might get the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud back too! Although, between Attack on Titan and Star Wars there might be more than enough crossover items in the lootpool right now. Having the Nimbus, the Fortnite OLD Gear, and the Kinetic Blade is possibly too much mobility.

Is Goku Black Fortnite Confirmed?

Goku Black Fortnite Skin Leaks

The Goku Black Fortnite skin leaks point towards the character hitting the game in the immediate future. Potentially before we lose the Force powers and other crossover content! However, it’s all liable to change as this is a leak.

We make guesses based on what’s in the files, but it being Goku Black isn’t entirely confirmed yet. It could be a different pink-headed anime character who can make pickaxe-like weapons out of their hands! Epic can surprise us.

We don’t know for sure if we’re getting Goku Black in Fortnite. If it does come to the game though, it’s sure to be one of the popular skins of the season.

Goku Black Fortnite Leaks – 2 Huge New Skins
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