DPC 2023 North America Week 3 Overview

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DPC 2023 North America Week 3 Overview

We recap all the highlights from week 3 of North America's DPC 2023.

Week 3 of the 2023 DPC was very exciting in every region and North America is definitely not an exception. Even though there are a couple of teams here that are clearly above the rest, NA only has 2 slots for the upcoming Major. Therefore, the teams have to give everything they have to win.

As expected, TSM and Shopify Rebellion had no problems during Weeks 1 and 2 and won 5 series each. However, there were several important series left, which meant it was time to see which 2 teams would receive the 2 Major slots. As expected, several series deserved more attention, so let’s check them out.


TSM defeated Alpha and B8

Before TSM had to face its toughest challenge yet, Timado and the rest had 2 easy matches. The team had to go up against Alpha and B8, the two squads at the bottom of the North America DPC Division I. Neither had a single victory so far, so it didn’t come as a surprise that TSM won both matches.

The series against Alpha was a walk in the park, especially in game 1, which lasted around 19 minutes. Even though the second game was definitely more interesting, TSM had no problems and won after 38 minutes of play.

After winning against Alpha, it was time for TSM’s second victory of the day. This time, the team had to face B8. Even though Dendi’s team decided to move to NA, this wasn’t enough for the team to win, as it lost yet another series.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that TSM didn’t have that many problems in game 1 and 2. Dendi tried using his famous Pudge in the first one, but the hero wasn’t able to do much against Furion and Leshrac. The team changed its tactic for the second game, but TSM was one step ahead and won the match after 29 minutes.


5RATFORCESTAFF defeated Thiuth Gaming and secured its place in Division I

Even though Kitzz and the rest won’t be able to attend the first Major of the 2023 DPC, at least the team will continue to be a part of Division I. So far, 5RATS has won 2 series and lost 3. Fortunately, the team defeated Thiuth Gaming in its first match of Week 3, which was enough to secure a slot for Tour 2’s Division I.

The first match was almost 40 minutes long, and it was a lot more interesting than expected, Thiuth Gaming got Shadow Demon, a hero that we haven’t seen in a while, but he wasn’t enough to surprise his opponent. 

Unfortunately, the loss in game 1 didn’t have a good impact on the team because 5RAT ripped through them in the second game. The team picked Primal Beast, Lina, and Broodmother, which is why the match lasted just 26 minutes.

Nouns lost a crucial series

This was the series that put the final nail in the coffin in terms of which 2 teams would advance to the Major. Nouns weren’t able to deal with Shopofiy Rebellion, which is EG’s ex-roster. This was an essential series for Moo and the rest because they had already lost the match against TSM. A loss would’ve meant the team lost its hopes of qualifying for the Major.

Although nouns used everything they had, they didn’t have enough power to defeat Arteezy and the rest. Thanks to the Enigma and Silencer pick, the ex-EG roster was able to defeat the powerful Sven and DS combo.

The second match was also fun, but it became clear that Abed and the rest would win after the laning stage. RTZ and the rest tried using one of their popular Magnus and Kunkka combos. As expected, the team ripped through its competitors in the laning stage and used Empower to out-farm them.

After 30 minutes, SR’s lead was too much for their opponents to win, and the team lost the match. This victory meant that SR and TSM would be the two teams that would head to the Major and represent North America.

TSM defeated SR

Despite the fact that Shopify Rebellion and TSM already qualified for the Major, Dota 2 fans in North America were eager to learn more about the clash between the two. To be fair, most players in NA expected EG’s previous roster to win, but after 2 fantastic games, TSM won the match.

Timado and the rest used their Lina and Trent combo in both maps, whereas SR relied on Tusk. Even though EG’s squad had many chances its both match, the team couldn’t take full advantage of them. TSM was motivated to win and won their final series of the week. Following the victory, the team finished Tour 1 of the 2023 DPC North America without losing a single series.

B8 won the last 2 matches and will remain in Division I

In addition to EG’s previous roster, B8 is probably the second most interesting team in North America. Led by the Dota 2 superstar Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, the new roster didn’t win a single during Week 1 and Week 2. Fortunately, B8 was able to win its last 2 series, which allowed it to save itself from going to Division II.

B8’s first victory of the DPC was against TG. We expected a very back-and-forth match, but the CIS squad was way better and had no problems on both maps. In fact, each one was less than 30 minutes, which meant that B8 was eager to win.

After defeating Thiuth Gaming, B8’s last challenge was Alpha. The latter was the only team in North America that hasn’t won a single map in all of its series so far. Needless to say, this gave Dendi and the rest the needed motivation to win the match.

There was some action in the first game, but B8 controlled it and had no problems. With just one game away from saving itself from relegation, Dendi and co. stepped up their game and ripped through their opponents in the second one. 

Now that all matches are over, SR and TSM will get the 2 Major slots and will represent North America. B8, 5RATFORCESTRAFF, nouns, and Wildcard Gaming will be the squads that will remain in Division I. However, Thiuth Gaming and ALPHA couldn’t make it, which means they will head over to Division II.


DPC 2023 North America Week 3 Overview
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