DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 3 Overview

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DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 3 Overview

Eastern Europe is always one of the Dota 2 regions where people have amazing series to watch. The first 2 weeks of the 2023 DPC were intriguing and offered us a lot of action, but two teams are clearly above the rest. BetBoom Team and Team Spirit have little to no competition, so we weren’t surprised that they received two of the 3 slots for the Major.

Speaking of Majors, there were a couple of teams that gave everything they had for the third Major slot. VP, HR, and DarkSide were the leading contenders, but in the end, only of them succeeded. With that said, let’s learn more about what happened and check all of the important results.

Remember to skim through the Week 2 overview, where we’ve covered all the important things that took place during that time.

Surprisingly, One Move defeated Darkside


The first series of week 3 turned out to be one of the most exciting matches of the week. Everyone expected Darkside to win this match and secure its chances for a top 3 finish. However, this wasn’t the case because RAMZESS666 and the rest lost the match.

In the first game of the series, DS’s draft focused a lot on their Morphling and Primal Beast, whereas One Move decided to get a 4 protect one draft for their Terrorblade. Even though their draft was better for the early game, it was Darkside that dictated the tempo and got a small advantage.

The bad news for them was that their lead didn’t last long. Although Morphling had a solid advantage after the laning stage, things quickly changed in the mid-game. AfterLife’s Doom and On Move’s Terrorblade slowly became much more potent than Darkside’s carry. The latter missed its timing, which allowed their enemies to take control and win game 1.

Game 2

After winning the first game with TB, OM decided to pick the hero for the second game. Interestingly, DS did the same by getting Morphling and DP. That said, the team couldn’t win the early game as it did before, which allowed On Move to get the lead from the beginning.

Darkside tried everything it could to bounce back, but it had no way of dealing with the deadly Terrorblade. The hero slowly but steadily gained the farm he needed and won his team the first series in the 2023 EEU DPC Division I. This victory was significant because it gave the team a glimmer of hope.

Team Spirit defeated HR and VP

The second important series was between Team Spirit and HellRaisers, two of the main contenders in Division I for the first 3 spots. Even though The International 10’s champions made an important roster change, it seems like this didn’t affect their dominance in EEU. The team has won 4 series so far, and as expected, it also defeated HR.

Although the first map wasn’t easy because TS was against Ember and Magnus. The team had no problems in the second one. HR tried surprising its opponent by picking Huskar, but Team Spirit’s Sniper was more than enough to counter the hero. As a result, Spirit won a crucial match that moved them one step closer to qualifying for the Major.

After dealing with HellRaisers, it was time for TI 10 winners to go up against Virtus.Pro. This was a crucial series for both teams because they needed to win to keep their chances of qualifying for the Major.

Even though VP needed the victory more than their counterparts, Yatoro and the rest proved again that they were the better team. The games weren’t easy because VP played fairly well, but even this wasn’t enough. Team Spirit won both maps, which guaranteed the team’s slot in the upcoming Major.

BB Team is also going to Major

While talking about Major slots, in addition to Team Spirit, BetBoom Team became the 2nd squad from the 2023 EEU Division I that will attend the Major. Despite changing its roster from the ground up, the team had no problems ripping through its competitors in Division I. 

The victory against Nemiga guaranteed BB Team’s Major ticket. The first game between them and Vazya’s squad wasn’t easy and lasted more than 40 minutes. However, the team was extremely motivated for the second map and crushed their opponents in under 24 minutes. This was a very important victory because it guaranteed the team’s Major Slot.

HR defeated DS

The last crucial series of the week was between HR and Darkside, and it was a battle for the third Major slot. Both teams had pretty good results so far, but since the 2023 EEU DPC only had 3 Major slots, one of the two was going to miss out on the event.

Following an epic 3 game battle, HellRaisers defeated its opponent and became the last team to receive a slot for the Major. The fight between Daxak and RodjER’s squad was fierce, especially in the first game of the series. Everyone expected HR’s Medusa to carry the team, but Darkside managed to bounce back and eventually won the map.

Despite losing the first game in the series, HR was ruthless in Games 2 and 3 and had little to no problems against its opponents. The second game between the two lasted just 16 minutes because HR ripped through their enemies like a knife through butter. Darkside didn’t have an answer to their opponents’ aggression, which resulted in a loss.

We expected Game 3 to go in Darkside’s favor, but HR’s Primal Beast and Bloodseeker combo prevailed. The team’s strong early game was enough to save itself from the deadly Razor, Riki, and Lesh draft that their opponents focused on. As a result, HellRaisers won and secured itself the third slot for the Major.


Following all of the games, the final three times that will attend the Major are as follows:

  • BetBoom Team
  • Team Spirit
  • HellRaisers

Virtus.Pro, Darkside and One Move will remain in Division I, whereas Natus Vincere and Nemiga Gaming will head over to Division II. The top teams from the 2023 EEU DPC are solid, so it will be interesting to see them in action against the best in the world.

DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 3 Overview
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