DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 2 Overview

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DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 2 Overview

BetBoom is leading the chart in Eastern Europe following the matches during Week 1 in Division I. However, we are yet to see what the rest of the teams are capable of because we have 2 more weeks of action.

Speaking of the devil, we had another week full of matches where the best in the region gave everything they got. Like any other DPC region, Week 2 was important for Eastern Europe because only 3 teams will receive a slot for the Major. 

Some results surprised us, whereas others did not so much. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things that you may have missed out on.

VP defeated Nemiga, but lost against HR

Virtus.Pro has always been among the teams that others look up to in Eastern Europe. However, the many roster changes in the last couple of years prevented the team from showing everything it’s capable of.

After one win and one loss last week, VP had a solid start to the EEU DPC Division I Week 2. Virtus.Pro defeated Nemiga Gaming in an epic series that allowed us to watch 3 games.

The first one was 40 minutes long, and VP won it with their classic Magnus and Troll Warlord draft. Even though Nemiga used an interesting mixture of physical and magical damage, these heroes weren’t strong enough to defeat VP’s draft.

Speaking of a mixture, VP lost the second game, which turned out to be an almost 1-hour epic battle. Despite the popular Drow and DP pick, Nemiga got Terrorblade, one of the best late-game monsters. The team did everything in its power to give him as much farm as possible, and in the end, this was enough to win.

The bad news for Nemiga is that the team couldn’t win game 3. Although it had a surprising pick in the face of Techies, VP got their hands on Nature’s Prophet, one of the best options in the current meta.

The match vs HR

After defeating Nemiga, Virtus.Pro had another challenge ahead of them. This time, the team had to play versus HR. Even though this team comes from Division I, Daxak and the rest are doing really well and are among the favorites for one of the three slots for the Major.

The series between the two was a lot more fun than expected. HellRaisers absolutely dominated in the first game of the series and won after just 27 minutes. Following the pick of Naga Siren, VP decided to fight fire with fire and got Medusa. However, HR dominated in the laning stage and used their advantage to win the first game in just 27 minutes.

After the quick victory, VP stepped up their game and got an interesting draft with Techies, QoP, and Lina. The fact that it focused a lot on magical damage helped VP in the early game, but things changed once CK and Magnus came online.

Thanks to Empower, Chaos Knight was farming way faster than usual. Unsurprisingly, the hero accumulated tons of farm and was one of the main reasons for his team’s success.

Team Spirit defeated Nemiga

As one of the big favorites in Eastern Europe, everyone keeps an eye on Team Spirit. People were interested to see whether the roster change after the removal of TORONTOKYO would affect the performance of the TI 10 champs. However, it seems like this isn’t the case because Team Spirit continues to win its matches.

After 2 victories during Week 1, the team also won its first series against Nemiga. In fact, the ex-TI champions ripped through their opponents in the first game. Yatoro got the chance to play his favorite Phantom Lancer, and he didn’t disappoint his fans.

Sadly, the first victory didn’t prevent Nemiga Gaming from bouncing back into the match. The team got their hands on some of the most annoying heroes in the current meta. Even though Leshrac and IO had a pretty good game for TS, they weren’t powerful enough to stop Nemiga from taking over.

The final map

Following the loss, Team Spirit decided to get a draft that they were comfortable with and got Lifestealer and Spirit Breaker. However, the match wasn’t easy for them because they had to play against NP and Primal Beast yet again.

As expected, Nemiga was the more dominant squad early on and eventually secured itself a lead. However, Spirit’s draft was really good against Furion because they could kill him with Spirit Breaker’s Charge.

After several big fights and back-and-forth action, in the end, Team Spirit won the match.

BB Team secured 3 victories

It seems like BB Team’s decision to add TORONTOKYO to its roster was a step in the right direction. Although no one expected the team to be so strong, the team won 2 series last week and secured 3 more victories during Week 2. Consequently, it seems like BetBoom Team will be the first CIS representative at the Major.

The first victory for TORNOTOKYO and the rest this week was against DS. This series was way more interesting than we thought because RAMZESS666 and co. won the first map but lost the other two. Speaking of losing, BB ripped through them in the second map, which was just 16 minutes long.

The third game between the two lasted almost one hour. Although Darkside had a better draft that used the meta heroes, BB bounced back and defeated their opponents.

After this significant victory, BetBoom also dealt with On Move. The first series between the two was pretty standard, but the second one lasted more than 74 minutes. In the end, the CIS squad’s Sniper became too powerful for One Move’s cores, and he carried his team to victory.

The match vs Na’Vi

BB Team’s final challenge for the week was a match against Natus Vincere. The latter had lost 3 series so far, which meant they had to win this one to save their chances of surviving in Division I.

Sadly, Natus Vincere failed to win and lost yet another important match. Speaking of losing, the team was crushed in game 1, even though it had a Drow Ranger strategy. After players failed to win the laning stage, their opponents and Slark took full advantage and ripped through them.

Although Na’Vi was way more successful in the second game of the series, the team didn’t have enough firepower to win. The game lasted around one hour, but in the end, BB Team won and secured first place in the Eastern European DPC Division I, at least for now.

DPC 2023 Eastern Europe Week 2 Overview
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