Dota 2: WePlay! to Host WeSave! Charity Play with CEPI and GlobalGiving

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Dota 2: WePlay! to Host WeSave! Charity Play with CEPI and GlobalGiving

Some good news during the Covid-19 pandemic, the WeSave! Charity Play is a way to get involved and help during the crisis.

The spread of the coronavirus disease has put a lot of pressure on the esports scene. As global infections continue to rise, and events continue to be cancelled or postponed, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air.

But, there are people stepping up and finding solutions during this difficult time for both esports and the world at large.

After Valve made the tough decision to cancel their up coming Majors, the Dota 2 schedule was looking a bit bare.

WePlay! have arrived to fill that gap, however, working with CEPI (Centre for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) and GlobalGiving to host the WeSave! Charity Play event.

Play to save the world

WeSave! is a non-profit online marathon taking place over March 20-26. The event will see some of the top teams, including Team Secret, PSG.LGD, LGD and Na`Vi compete for a prize pool of $120,000 USD.

This isn’t your ordinary prize pool though. It's going to to CEPI and Global Giving, along with all the funds raised over the course of the broadcast.

“We never asked ourselves whether we would join the fight against the coronavirus or not – a tragedy of such magnitude can be overcome only by a united effort.” Said Oleg Krot, CEO and Managing Partner of WePlay! Esports.

According to  Yuriy Lazebnikov, WePlay!’s CBDO and one of their managing partners, funds from the WeSave! event are going to be “…distributed evenly between GlobalGiving and CEPI.”

The funds going to CEPI will be spent advancing the COVID-19 vaccine candidates into clinical testing, which will still take some time.

But the money raised for GlobalGiving will provide “…benefits almost instantly, because they will be urgently allocated…” GlobalGiving are using the money to buy much needed supplies like face masks and ventilators. And they're delivering those supplies wherever they’re needed the most; from hospitals to struggling families.

What are CEPI and GlobalGiving doing to fight COVID-19?

Both CEPI and GlobalGiving are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Based out of Davos, Switzerland, CEPI develops vaccines. Right now they're working alongside the World Health Organization and others to develop a vaccine to defeat the virus.

“CEPI is grateful to WePlay! Esports and its dedicated gaming community for supporting our vital vaccine development efforts.” Said Dr Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI. “The only way that we’re going to beat this virus is if we pull together as a global community.”

Global Giving on the other hand, is a crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors and companies to help solve big problems. They created the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund specifically to send doctors, nurses and medical supplies to people who are particularly vulnerable during the current pandemic.

“This is an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome.” Said Ingrid Embree, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at GlobalGiving. “The WePlay! Esports livestream for the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund is showing the world exactly what that looks like… It will take a collective effort from every industry and every individual to persevere against this global threat.” She said.

The WeSave! Charity Play Marathon kicks off today, March 20. Be sure to catch it live on or Twitch.

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