Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide – The Swift and Deadly

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Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide – The Swift and Deadly

This is the Dota 2 Void Spirit guide you have been waiting for.

Despite being one of the newer heroes in Dota 2, Void Spirit quickly became among the most popular options. This mid-lane is among the top picks in PUBs and professional games alike because he’s swift and fun to play. That’s why it’s time for the Void Spirit Dota 2 guide that will reveal everything about him.

Void Spirit is a melee Universal hero that is usually the team’s mid-laner or carries. He starts the game with around 48-52 damage, 2.2 armor and around 290 movement speed. The hero has a lot to offer, so before checking the Dota 2 Void Spirit wiki, let’s learn more about them.


Learning which Void Spirit Dota 2 build to go for is important, but this guide will first go through the hero’s abilities.

  • Aaether Remnant – This ability allows Void Spirit to dispatch a remnant that pulls a target towards it for 1.6s and deals 220 damage. This ability has a 0.4s activation time.
  • Dissimilate – When used, Void Spirit fades into the aether and can go through a portal, dealing 340 damage to enemies near it.
  • Resonant Pulse – This is an ability that gives Void Spirit a shield that absorbs 160 damage. This barrier also deals damage and gains increased damage absorption to reach the enemy it hits.
  • Astral Step – This ability allows the hero to jump forward, deal 330 damage and slow down a target for 80% of its movement speed. 

Players who decide to go for an Aghanim’s Shard will make their Aether Remnant make non-hero units take 30% of the ability's damage every second, depending on how much time they spend on the Remnant's path. Getting an Aghanim’s Scepter will allow your resonant pulse to silence targets, and it will have 2 charges.


Dota 2 hero Void Spirit. An old monk man who appears before a purple portal amongst a purple, dark cosmic background.

The next thing before taking a look at the Dota 2 Void Spirit build is the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +50 Aether Remnant Damage or +1.5 mana Regen
  • Level 15 – +70 Resonant Pulse Damage or Remnant Provides 475 True Sight
  • Level 20 – -4s Astral Step Charge Restre Time or Outer Dissimilate Ring
  • Level 25 – Dissimilate Roots for 2s or 140% Astral Step Crit

Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide – Steps

Besides the cool Dota 2 Void Spirit set, this hero is also incredibly fun to play, which is one of the big reasons why it is so popular. As mentioned, the hero is usually in the mid-lane, so his job will be to try and win the 1v1 matchup. Void Spirit is not a hero that can be ganked easily, so most teams prefer not to waste time and focus on winning other lanes.

During the laning stage, Void Spirit can do pretty well against almost anything, even though he is not that good against heroes with a lot of burst damage. Since this is a tempo controller, his job is to dominate in the mid-game by getting items that allow him to take fights. Once he hits level 6, the hero can start ganking all lanes and take part in fights, no matter the Void Spirit Dota 2 item build.

Even though Void Spirit is not that good for the late-game, he can do a lot of damage, and his disables, and high mobility make him a threat to the backlines. Nevertheless, most teams that use him try to win the game earlier than that.

One of the big reasons why Void Spirit is so popular is because of the fact he can initiate a team fight relatively easily and escape when needed. However, we have to remember that the hero is pretty fragile, so players have to be careful what they’re doing.

Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide – Pros and Cons

The Dota 2 Void Spirit responses are definitely cool, but the hero has other pros and cons that players need to know.


  • Very mobile
  • A lot of burst damage
  • He can lane well against melee heroes
  • Extremely strong in the mid-game
  • Does not need that many items to be effective.


  • The hero is fragile
  • Not that good in the late-game

Dota 2 Void Spirit Items

Another important thing we need to mention in this Void Spirit Dota 2 guide is the hero’s items.

Starting items

The best items for the early game include HP and mana regen, as well as some stats. Since the hero is the team’s midder, he can always use the courier to get more regen when needed.

Early Game

Almost every Dota 2 Void Spirit guide will tell you to get things like one or two Null Talismans, Boots of Speed, and a Magic Wand. These items will give you enough damage and mana to be able to land kills around the map.

Mid game

The items you can get for the mid-game can be very different, depending on the enemies you face. However, most Void Spirit players prefer to go for Eul’s, Kaya,  and Witch Blade.

Late Game

The hero’s late-game items can include things like Octarine Core, Scythe of Vyse, Black King Bar, Shiva’s Guard, Desolator, and much more.

Dota 2 Void Spirit Counter


Despite being a pretty strong hero overall, there is a Void Spirit Dota 2 counter that you need to be aware of. In fact, there are several heroes that deserve more attention.

  • Bane – This hero has 2 disables that are long enough for the enemy team to kill this hero. 
  • Bloodseeker – Rapture makes Void Spirit very vulnerable because the hero can’t use his mobility to do damage.
  • Doom – Since the hero has one of the best ultimates in the game, he can counter this midder, no matter the Void Spirit Dota 2 items he has.
  • Ember Spirit – A good Ember Spirit can be a challenge for Void Spirit because he deals a lot of damage.


It will be interesting to see if a future Dota 2 Void Spirit update will change the hero as we know it. We’ll keep track of everything new and update this guide when needed, so make sure to follow us for more information.

Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide – The Swift and Deadly
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