Dota 2: Another New Hero – Void Spirit

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Dota 2: Another New Hero – Void Spirit

Yesterday, Valve announced a new hero named Snapfire.  Today we have yet another new hero, Void Spirit. Lore-wise, this will be the fourth spirit alongside Ember, Storm, and Earth. Many people were expecting this, especially throughout the last couple of weeks.

What we know

Similar to Snapfire, there is not really any information regarding the new hero. Having said that, judging by the trailer, he will probably be a melee core who will have a teleporting ability. Of course, this is just a guess, so anything is possible. After all, a hero’s positions in modern-day Dota are very flexible.

When to expect Void Spirit

According to the video, Void Spirit will be introduced with the new update called “The Outlanders Update” which is likely to be released as soon as TI 9 ends. Until then, make sure to watch tomorrows’ Grand Final because it is truly going to be EPIC. We might end up having the first-ever two times TI winners.

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Dota 2: Another New Hero – Void Spirit
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