Dota 2: New Hero Revealed at TI9

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Dota 2: New Hero Revealed at TI9

Every year, TI always surprises us by revealing a new hero. Today, we got the chance to watch a very interesting trailer. In fact, Valve decided to introduce it in between the EG vs. TL match.

Snapfire, this new hero's name, is expected to arrive this Fall and by the looks of it, it will definitely be a fascinating one.

Of course, we don’t know anything about the hero outside of the trailer. There is not even information about whether it will be a Strength, Agility or Intelligence hero. However, by the looks of the trailer, it may be either a mid or a safe lane hero. After all, we can all agree that this “old lady” definitely kicked some a$$.

Be sure to check out the trailer below.


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Dota 2: New Hero Revealed at TI9
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