Dota 2 Updates – What Would You Want To See in The Future

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Dota 2 Updates – What Would You Want To See in The Future

Let’s learn more about the future of the Dota 2 updates and the things that we can expect to see in the future.

Dota 2 is one of Valve’s signature games, so it’s no surprise that the company pays a lot of attention to it. Several years ago, the company released one or two big updates per year that changed tons of things about the game. However, following the community backlash, Valve changed its model. Now, the company releases smaller but more frequent updates that add minor changes and one big patch for the year.

When talking about Dota 2 updates today, the biggest one this year was 7.33 because it added tons of things. Most of us did not expect to see all of them, but Valve surprised us in a good way.

The International 12 is approaching, and the most recent patch we have now is 7.34c. As you can see from its name, this is a patch that has minor balance changes to the heroes that were really strong. We do not expect to see any major changes prior to the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. However, there might be several other things we may see in the future, so here are some of the things we could hope for.

A new hero

When talking about Dota 2 new update, one of the first things that comes to mind is a new hero. Although the Dota 2 updates rarely add new heroes (this usually happens once per year), adding something new and fresh to the Dota 2 scene is always a plus.

Valve definitely has interesting ideas about the new heroes. Names like Mars, Marci, and Dawnbreaker have been pretty popular since they were added to the game, so we can assume that the new hero will also be worth it. 

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If you take a look at some of the Dota 2 updates wishlists, you can find a lot of suggestions and other things regarding the new hero. Some people expect it to be an AGI one because we haven’t seen a new Agi hero in some time. Adding a new carry to the game will definitely make it more interesting because everyone knows this is one of the most popular roles in the game.

Make courier killing more rewarding again

When talking about Dota 2 updates, many of you probably remember the day when Valve decided to allow every single player to have his courier. This change made the game way easier because players had the chance to get the items they wanted without having to wait for someone to use the courier.

Even though the addition of the couriers made the game easier, it had one bad impact on Dota 2 – there’s no such thing as courier sniping anymore. The latter was one of the favorite activities of every Bounty Hunter/Riki player because killing the courier early on prevents the enemy from getting the must-have early-game items. This is extremely dangerous for the mid-lane, which is why a courier snipe is usually enough for one of the heroes to win.

Even though you can still kill couriers in Dota 2, considering that every player has one, it’s not that interesting anymore. If Valve decides to revert those changes and encourage courier sniping, the latter will be way more rewarding than now. However, it will make the game even more complex than it already is, so we do not expect to see this anytime soon.

New Arcanas

Another important thing we have to talk about when discussing Dota 2 updates is related to the cosmetic items. Similar to Counter-Strike, where many players keep playing the game because of the amount of money they’ve invested, Dota 2 continues to be one of the most popular titles in its genre for the same reasons. Some players have spent thousands of dollars on different items, including arcanas, so they keep playing because they like using them.

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When talking about Arcanas, there’s no arguing that those are some of the most impressive items in Dota 2. Therefore, adding an Arcana for every hero, or at least most of them, will make them a lot more interesting to play.

The bad news about Arcanas and other big items, such as Personas, is that they become available once per year. Usually, this happens around Christmas, which means that we need to wait for the Dota 2 new update to see if we’re going to receive such a thing.

A completely new type of system that monitors players’ behavior

When talking about Dota 2 updates and things that a lot of players are interested in, we need to mention the problems regarding the toxic community. Truth be told, Valve has done a lot in this regard because the number of toxic players is lower than ever. In fact, the most recent big update addressed this issue by adding new ways to report people, including those that smurf.

Although this is effective up to a point, in reality, we need a new kind of reporting system or something along those lines that will allow the game client to monitor everyone without the need for reports. The bad thing about reporting is that people can often get punished, even if they do not deserve it, simply because of too many reports. 

Considering how AI continues to grow in popularity, we expect Valve to start using it at some point in the future. The company can definitely take advantage of the new tech when it comes down to reports and provide us with a much more pleasant environment where we can play without worrying about game ruiners.

Dota 2 Updates – What Would You Want To See in The Future
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