Dota 2: Top Support Heroes To Use in 7.32e

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Dota 2: Top Support Heroes To Use in 7.32e

We take a look at the top support heroes right now in the patch 7.32e meta.

The arrival of the Dota 2 patch 7.32e changed a lot of things about the current meta. The Dead Recoking Update gave us a new hero, several item changes, and loads of small hero tweaks. Some of them had a massive effect on the meta, which explains why we started seeing new heroes in the game.

We have already covered some of the leading mid-laners of the new patch, but now, it’s time to focus on support. Despite not being as popular as the core roles in the game, everyone knows that supports in Dota 2 are essential in every lineup. So, let’s go over some of the heroes with the highest win rate now and see what makes them better than the rest.


Dota 2 - Omniknight uses Purification to protect the team

If we take a look at the Dota 2 support tier list, we can find a couple of names that stand out, one of which is Omniknight. The latter has the most impressive win rate, almost 55%. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because the hero fits really well in the current meta.

Speaking of the meta, Omni only received one change in 7.32e – his Degen Aura now has a 450 radius instead of 400. It may not seem much, but it makes the hero way more effective in some combos. 

Omni works well with almost all hard carries in the game, especially those that like to be more aggressive. Nowadays, we can see him with the likes of Spectre, Anti-Mage, Ursa, and more.

An important thing we’d like to mention about Omniknight is that he’s a hero that can also work in the offlane. Despite not being the go-to offlaner in PUBs, we’ve often seen the hero in this position, especially when the team needs someone hard to kill.


Silencer uses Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage in battles

Although some people use this hero in the mid-lane, Silencer is usually one of the popular Dota 2 supports. In fact, he’s among the few heroes that were popular in the previous meta and continue to play a key role in the current meta.

When writing this article, Silencer’s win rate sits at around 54.6%, making him the second-best after Omni. These stats are interesting because the hero received a nerf in the 7.32e patch. 

According to the changes, Silencer’s Arcane Cursa now has 2s additional cooldowns on all levels. Furthermore, his level 10 Arcane Curse Damage talent now gives +10 instead of 12, and his Global Silence Cooldown Reduction is now 20s instead of 25s. Of course, he’s not the biggest loser of patch 7.32e because there are several other heroes that also deserve attention.


If we look at the Dota 2 top support heroes, we will see that Jakiro has one of the most impressive win rates. This may come as a surprise because the hero is definitely not the most popular option in PUBs, let alone in pro games.

With that said, the Dota 2 patch 7.32e made the hero a lot more popular because it received 2 huge buffs. The first one is to his Ice Path, which now lasts for 1 extra second, which is extremely impressive. However, the stun duration remains the same.

Aside from the buffs to the hero’s stun, Jakiro’s Macropyre is also new because it applies the damage right away instead of after 0.5s. This means that Jakiro is even more dangerous when used with heroes like Faceless Void. 

With that said, Jakiro players won’t like the new Force Staff and the fact that it costs more mana to use. This is one of the items that Jakiro always goes for because the hero is slow and needs a reliable escape mechanism.


Up next, we have a hero who is definitely in the Dota 2 support meta right now. Lich is a hero that comes on and off, but it seems like the 7.32e changes have positively affected him. Despite the nerfs to Force Staff, Luich received 3 significant buffs.

If we look at the 7.32e patch notes, we can see that the hero now has a 3.8 INT gain instead of 3.6. Furthermore, Lich’s Frost Blast now has an improved casting time of 0.3s instead of 0.4s, and the ability’s range is 650 instead of 600 on level 4. These changes make Lich a lot stronger early on, which is why he’s one of the best lane supports right now.

What’s interesting about the hero is that he works really well with some of the more aggressive carries. Ursa is definitely the first name that comes to mind, but we can also add Slark and Juggernaut to the list. The last 2 names are pretty big right now, which explains why we’ll see them more often.


The Dota 2 Hero, Dazzle, one of the top supports in the 7.31b meta

If you’re looking for a Dota 2 support guide, you will often find Dazzle there because the hero is incredibly popular. Besides having many fans in PUB games, he’s also big in professional matches, especially when paired with specific names.

Although Dazzlei s among the top supports 7.32e, the hero didn’t receive that many changes. In fact, if we take a look at the patch notes, we can see that his level 10 talent now gives him + 60 DMG instead of +50. This indicates that we might see a Dazzle in the mid-lane than in the support role.

Even though there are cases where the hero can work as a midder, usually, this isn’t the case. Dazzle shines when he gets to play alongside hyper-aggressive cores, such as Huskar, Storm Spirit, and Slark. 

The heroes mentioned above have the highest win rate in the current Dota 2 7.32e patch, at least for now. However, if we look at some of the upcoming names, we can also find the likes of Earth Spirit, Enchantress, and Earthshaker. Each one has a lot to offer, so think carefully about which hero to pick before playing.

Dota 2: Top Support Heroes To Use in 7.32e
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