Dota 2: The Dead Reckoning Update 7.32e – Overview

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Dota 2: The Dead Reckoning Update 7.32e – Overview

Just a day after the end of The Lima Major 2023, Valve decided that enough was enough and gave us access to the much-awaited update. The company calls it “The Dead Reckoning”, and it’s safe t say it’s going to be one of the biggest updates of 2023.

Like other major changes in our favorite game, this Dota 2 match has many new things users need to be aware of. We at ESTNN will cover everything you need to know about the latest update in more detail soon. With that said, this article will focus on providing you with a general overview of The Dead Recoking Update, so let’s dive in.

Muerta is here

We will start by addressing the elephant in the room regarding the new update – Muerta. Dota 2’s latest hero is finally here after it was revealed at The International 11. 

Muerta is a ranged INT hero that will most likely be a carry or a midder. She has three active abilities and a passive one that allows her to attack an additional target. We won’t go into much detail because the hero deserves its stand-alone article, so keep an eye on our Dota 2 section for more information.

There is a Mini-Game

Dota 2 fans who want to experience something new will have access to a new mini-game. Available from March 6 until April 4, Dead Reckoning is a game where you will have to kill or assist in the killing of specific heroes. Depending on how you perform, you will get Muerta’s Flowers, which is the event’s currency.

Once you have enough of it, you can exchange it for a Dead Reckoning Chest containing event-themed items and special sets. However, the only way to unlock those sheets is by purchasing Keys, which will cost 20,000 shards or real money.

Dead Reckoning Chest

When it comes to the Dead Reckoning Chest, it contains pretty interesting sets for the following heroes:

  • Anti-Mage
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Lina
  • Medusa
  • Pudge
  • Sniper
  • Viper

In addition to the hero sets, you can get an item called Alatar Ball that contains even more perks. The chest will also grant you access to different wallpapers, which is always cool to have.

New Features


In addition to everything mentioned so far, the Dead Reckoning Update in Dota 2 will also give users access to tons of different features. Here is a brief overview of the most popular ones.

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Advanced Battle Stats

Although some people don’t like having access to excessive information, the stats in Dota 2 can help a lot when it comes down to deciding what to pick. Valve knows it, so it offers a new feature allowing Dota Plus members to check real-time gameplay stats. Doing this will help them learn from their mistakes and make better decisions.

Customizable Quickcasting

Even though not everyone uses the quick casting option in Dota 2, those who do will be more than happy with the new changes. Following the new update, people can now assign which unit-specific abilities and items they want to trigger with key press or release.

To use the new feature, you have to go to “Settings” and find the “Unit Specific Hotkey”, followed by “Enable Quickcast”.

Improvements to the friend list

Thanks to the new Dota 2 update, you can now add friends to your Favorites. Doing this will let them be at the top of your friend list. In other words, you can invite them much faster when you decide to play. 

Interestingly, Valve also added a Friend Search option to find a particular person. This feature may not be that helpful for people who have a few accounts as friends, but others will like it a lot.

Gameplay changes

When it comes down to the Dota 2 gameplay changes following the Dead Reckoning Update has tons of new things you need to be aware of.  There are way too many changes to be covered in one article, which is why we’re about to look at the item and general changes. Keep an eye out for our complete Dota 2 heroes change review.

Changes to Turbo Mode

Although it was released a few years ago, Turbo Mode in Dota 2 hasn’t been that popular. Most people use it when they need to unlock the ranked mode, but there are players who’re playing it for fun. With that said, The Dead Reckoning Update in Dota 2 changed a lot of things.

  • Following the new update, all hero selections are now blind, and there is no penalty phase when picking heroes. 
  • Players who don’t pick a hero when the regular draft time is over must get whomever they have tentatively picked. 
  • Wraith Band, Bracer, and Null Talisman will now double their strats bonus 12 minutes after the start instead of 25 minutes.
  • Summoned units will no longer deal bonus damage to heroes
  • People who play Turbo Mode can earn two stats for hero challenges
  • Other small changes
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General Changes

Regarding general Dota 2 changes following this update, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, Reinforced Units will now take 10% less damage from player-controlled creeps.
  • Second, all range creeps are now level 5, which means heroes like Enigma won’t be able to convert them. This is a pretty big nerf to some offlaners, so we might see changes in some heroes’ positions.
  • Lastly, Glyph  Tower Bonus Attack Targets have increased to 5 instead of 4.

Item Changes

The last thing we’d like to take a look at in this article is the different item changes.  To be honest, we expected more from Valve in this regard, but there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Abyssal Blade now gives 30 bonus damage instead of 25.
  • Bloodstone’s Bloodpact Duration is down from 6s to 6s.
  • Boots of Bearing no longer have charges.
  • Divine Rapier now costs 5600 instead of 5950 gold.
  • The Mango gives +0.4 HP reg instead of + 0.6s.
  • Eye of Skadi slows ranged heroes by 50% instead of 40%.
  • Force Staff now costs 150 mana instead of 100.
  • Gleipnir’s Eternal Chains Damage is down to 180 from 220, and its radius is 400 instead of 450.
  • Guardian Greaves now gives 14.5 HP regen aura to low Hp allies and 8 armor instead of 10.
  • Hurricane Pike’s Thrust Mana Cost is 150 instead of 100.
  • Maelstrom’s Chain Lightning Damage is 135 instead of 140.
  • Meteor Hammer now has a 2s casting time instead of 2.5s.
  • Nullifier’s total cost is down to 4375 instead of 4725, and its damage bonus is down from 80 to 75.
  • Radiance’s total cost is down from 4700 to 5050, and its bonus damage is 55 instead of 60.
  • Sacred Relic now costs 3400 gold and gives 55 damage instead of 50 damage.
  • Ravenant’s Brooch gives +60 AS for its duration and attacks are affected by Spell Lifesteal.
  • Shadow Blade’s invisible effect if bonus damage is applied during the fade time.
  • Wrait Band gives a 5/10 bonus stat instead of 6/12.
  • Solar Crst gives +6 to all attributes instead of +5, and the movement speed bonus is +25 instead of +20.