Dota 2: Top Offlaners in 7.32d So Far

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Dota 2: Top Offlaners in 7.32d So Far

Dota 2’s latest patch, 7.32d, became available a couple of days ago, and it changed some aspects of the game. Although this was a balance patch instead of something that added new heroes and items, it had an effect on the meta. By the looks of it, we will be playing on this patch until the new DPC begins, meaning that it is high time to learn which are the best heroes.


After covering the mid-laners, the next step is to take a look at the offlaners because this is what most people use to reach their desired rank. The current patch allows users to think outside the box and experience a lot of options. Nevertheless, there are a few options that are worth it, so let’s learn more about them. Don’t forget that playing as a Dota 2 offlaner in PUBs is one of the easiest ways of getting MMR.



If we look at the stats from last week, we can see that the most successful offlaner in the current patch is Brewmaster. This is a hero we don’t often see in PUBs because he is hard to master. However, those who know how to use his abilities are often really dangerous and can carry their team.


Interestingly, Brewmaster did not receive any changes in the Dota 2 patch 7.32d. In fact, even some of his core items weren’t changed. However, the small buffs to things like Crimson Guard and Drums of Endurance may have an effect on him. After all, Brewmaster is notorious for being one of the best “aura carries” in Dota 2.


The reason why the hero is strong is because of the utility he provides. Although he is not the strongest laner in the game, Brew’s ability to control the tempo of every fight is impressive, to say the least. The hero has won numerous games on his own and is definitely an option you should take into consideration.



Some people may not agree that Enigma is an offlaner because the hero can be a pos4 support, as well as a jungler. However, the majority of Enigma players end up in the offlane, which is why we’ve decided to include the hero on the list.

Enigma is an offlaner that is good against most setups because it can farm and is fairly hard to kill unless the hero is out of position. Of course, we must address the elephant in the room and mention that Enigma has one of the best team-fight ultimates in Dota 2. Black Hole is extremely powerful even in PUBs, so don’t be surprised when you see that people rely on it.


The only problem with Enigma in PUBs is that the hero might face tons of counters. Heroes like Silence and Rubick are hard to deal with, meaning that players will often pick them against this hero. 

In terms the what’s new in 7.32d, Enigma received a small nerf related to its Eidolon attack range. 


Dark Seer

DS is probably one of the most interesting names on the list, and for a reason. The hero wasn’t a part of the meta for some time, but it seems like he is finally back, at least according to the win rate.

Dark Seer is a hero that can work well in many scenarios, especially when the hero has to lane against specific carries. His ability to provide movement speed and deal constant damage makes him a very dangerous opponent. 


That said, one of the reasons why he became more popular in the current meta is because of the buffs to some of his favorite items. As mentioned, things like Crimson, Pipe and Greaves are cheaper than before, meaning he can get them faster. It seems like this was enough to put him back in the meta.

Nature’s Prophet

Furion is another hero that some of you probably think shouldn’t be on the list because he can be a carry, support, midder, and jungler. However, we’ve seen a lot of people who pick Nature’s Prophet for the offlane, which is why he deserves to be on the list.

The reason why his hero is so good is because of his range, attack animation, and ability to farm. His treants give him a lot of power during the laning stage and he can even harass the enemy’s carry. Furion is also a really good hero when it comes down to pushing. He can also teleport to gank when needed and has the global ability that deals significant damage.

Another reason that had an effect on the hero’s popularity is the changes in the Dota 2 patch 7.32d. Nature’s Prophet became among the few heroes that received small buffs. His Teleportation now has less cooldown in the first three levels, whereas the Curse of the Oldgtwoth now lasts for 7s instead of 6s. 


Dota 2 players and fans alike probably remember that Mars dominated 2022.  The hero was the strongest offlaner in the game, and pretty much everyone used it. He was either picked or banned in every pro match and had tons of players in PUBs. Due to his survivability, CC and damage, he is one of the best all-around heroes in Dota 2.

However, the updates that took place prior to TI 11 nerfed him a bit, which was enough to remove him from the meta. It seems like Valve is not happy with his current state because Mars received small buffs in patch 7.32d.

The most significant one is Bulwark, which now reduces the hero’s movement speed by 18% when active instead of 20%. On top of that, his level 20 talent increases this ability’s front and side damage reduction by 12% or 6%.

There are several other offlaners that are really good in Dota 2 right now, such as Tinmbersaw, Venomancer, and even Doom. However, these heroes can only work in specific situations, so try to think outside the box.

Dota 2: Top Offlaners in 7.32d So Far
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