Dota 2: The Top Mid Laners of 7.32d

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Dota 2: The Top Mid Laners of 7.32d

Patch 7.32d has brought a fresh raft of changes to Dota 2's meta, we take a look at which mid laners are top of the crop right now.

It’s been a few days since Valve released Dota 2’s latest patch — 7.32d. It didn't bring that many changes because only a few heroes received buffs and nerfs. However, it seems like this was enough to have an effect on the current meta. Heroes like Razor exploded in popularity, whereas options like Leshrac suddenly became really bad.

The fact that the new patch has been around for a while now allows us to have a good idea of what we can expect from it. Naturally, every player is affected differently, depending on his in-game position. Speaking of the devil, this article will focus on the mid-lane because it is one of the most popular Dota 2 positions. 

The data you are about to see for the top midders in 7.32d is based on the stats from last week. Keep in mind that there might be some differences in the upcoming days.

Arc Warden 

Despite the nerfs in the Dota 2 patch 7.32d, Arc Warden continues to be one of the strongest heroes in Dota 2. Even though he was never that big in professional games, the hero is one of the best when it comes down to pubs. His insanely high farm rate and split-pushing skills make him a great option for any draft.

That said, people who want to pick Arc Warden in 7.32d should know that the hero received minor nerfs. The most substantial one is to Spark Wraith in combination with Aghs because the duration of the second Wraith is just 15s instead of 45s. Other than that, the hero’s level 10 talent gives him +200 HP instead of +225, whereas his level 25 one provides +40% cooldown reduction than +50%.

Despite the small changes, the hero is strong and will most likely continue to be one of the best. That said, Razor is a really dangerous hero right now that can also take the mid-lane. Although you may be able to deal with him in the late game, he is solid in the laning stage, so you might have some difficulties.


According to the stats from last week, Meepo continues to be one of the best mid laners in Dota 2, even after patch 7.32d. To be fair, we weren’t that surprised because Meepo was not one of the heroes that received any changes. 

The thing with Meepo is that you are either excellent and win the game on your own, or you can’t do anything. People who spam him in pubs are usually good and use him for boosts because he can definitely win games on his own.

Another reason why Meepo is a good option in 7.32d is that he is really strong against Razor. As mentioned, this is the best hero in Dota 2 right now, and he is always a core. So, picking Meepo can be a good idea because you will be able to deal with Razor even in the mid-game.


Strangely, the third hero on the list when it comes down to the top mid-laners of 7.32d is Tinker. The latter has always been a big name among pub players, but he has yet to become a leading midder in the pro meta. Since he is hard to master and easily countered, professionals try to stay away from him, but this does not imply to pubs.

Similar to Meepo, Tinker is not one of the heroes that received any buffs or nerf in patch 7.32d. However, the fact that Leshrac is no longer a part of the meta meant someone had to take it. It seems like Tinker is a good fit for the role because he can also deal tons of magical damage and turtle for his team when needed.

Speaking of turtling, ever since Valve decided to change his third ability, the hero does not feel as strong as before. Luckily, he continues to be an excellent nuker and a hero that can easily rip through his enemies.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend was one of the hidden gems at The International 11 because he became the most popular mid laner of the event. His magical damage, combined with one of the best right-clicking in Dota 2 makes him a very popular option even in the current meta.

Speaking of the devil, Shadow Fiend received a small nerfs in patch 7.32d. His level 20 talent now gives 0.3s of  Requiem Fear per line instead of 0.4s. Unsurprisingly, this small change is not enough to push him away from the meta, meaning that he will continue to dominate.

Speaking of Shadow Fiend, an important thing to remember about the hero is that he can work against pretty much anything. Even though he is fragile, enemy SF has the firepower to stand his ground, and he can always outfarm the enemy laner. In fact, this is one of the best heroes when it comes down to outplaying someone.


Even though Visage is nowhere near as strong as a couple of months ago, the hero continues to be one of the best mid-laners, even in the current patch. The recent changes in 7.32d affected the hero slightly because when he gets Aghs, his Gravekeeper’s Cloak has a 65s cooldown instead of 60s. 

Despite the small nerfs, Visage is one of the top-tier heroes when it comes down to the laning stage. Once he gets to level 6, he becomes almost impossible to lane against. Needless to say, Visage shines in the mid-game because he is one of the best heroes for pushing.

All of the mid laners mentioned above are great right now, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for other heroes. As mentioned several times, Razor is one of the strongest heroes in the meta right now, and he can also take the mid-lane. Heroes like Lycan are also really good, and he can be a midder, depending on his opponent.

Dota 2: The Top Mid Laners of 7.32d
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