Dota 2: TNC Signs New Roster

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Dota 2: TNC Signs New Roster

This is TNC’s new Dota 2 roster, and by the looks of it, it has a lot of potential.

One month after TI 10 came to an end, some of the best teams in the world are still doing changes to their rosters. After learning Tal “Fly” Aizik is making a move to SEA, there's more exciting news from this region. This time, it is about TNC, one of the biggest names in the professional Dota 2 scene.

As you may remember, the team decided to release their veteran squad around two months ago. There were loads of rumors about the new players that were supposedly going to be a part of TNC, but now, we finally know the names of all five players.

The New Squad

TNC Predator wanted to reveal their new roster in style, which is why the org released a special video, as well as a statement. It seems like TNC have stepped away from their traditional approach of creating a team with well-known players. Instead, the SEA powerhouse is opting to pick rising talents from the region.

Even though this might seem strange at first, creating a team with inexperienced players seems like the new meta, considering Team Spirit’s latest success at TI 10. As you probably know, TNC Predator was one of the many top-tier squads that relied on building their rosters around some of the best players in the region.

Even though adding new players to a given team seems to work out, this group of Dota 2 superstars needs a leader. This is where Kim “Febby” Yong-min comes to play. He is one of the most experienced Dota 2 players in the region and used to be a coach for TNC. Needless to say, Febby played a major role in several other SEA rosters and has a wealth of veteran experience that will be crucial for this squad.

Following the recent change, TNC’s new-look team is:

  1. Levi “YoungGof” Lagaret
  2. Yuri Dave “Yowe” Pacana
  3. Lee “X1aOyU” Qian Yu
  4. Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Banquil
  5. Kim “Febby” Yong-min

The first big test for TNC’s new roster will be the upcoming DPC Sea Division I League. The team is among the eight squads that received a direct invitation, so it will be pretty interesting to see whether the squad’s performance will live up to the expectations.

Dota 2: TNC Signs New Roster
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