Dota 2 Tiny Guide – Tips and How to Play

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Dota 2 Tiny Guide – Tips and How to Play

This Dota 2 Tiny Guide is about to show you why this has been one of the most popular and diverse heroes in the game.

There are a couple of Dota 2 heroes that have been among the go-to options in professional and PUB games for years, and Tiny is among them. Known as one of the best heroes in the game, this incredible option can work in a wide range of situations.  Tiny can deal insane amounts of damage and has the firepower to kill almost everyone.

In this Tiny Dota 2 guide, we will reveal everything you should know about the hero. It’s worth knowing that he starts with 0 armor and 285 movement speed, but his starting damage is 61-67, which is pretty impressive.


The first thing to check about this hero is the Tiny Dota 2 skills, so let’s learn more about them.

  • Avalanche – When used, it deals 300 damage and stuns the target during its duration, which is 1.4s. Furthermore, the ability deals 2x more damage to units that are tossed.
  • Toss – Tiny grabs the closest unit within 300 Radius and tosses it to a given location, dealing 300 damage on impact.
  • Tree  Grab – The hero grabs a tree and has 5 attacks, during which he gets 20 bonus damage, 85% bonus damage to towers, and 100% splash damage. He can also throw the tree and deal the hero’s attack damage.
  • Grow – When used, Tiny will grow and gain 24 bonus armor and 170 bonus damage. He will also get 300 bonus damage to toss but also receive a -30% attack speed reduction.

Before choosing one of the Dota 2 Tiny skins, remember that the Shard will allow you to have no cooldown on Tree Grab. The Scepter, on the other hand, will give you an ability Tree Volley that allows you to throw random trees within a given AoE for 2.5s, dealing the hero’s attack damage to all enemies within the given area.

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Before going through the Tiny Dota 2 items, here’s more information about the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +10 Strength or + 20 extra MS
  • Level15 – Avalanche gets +80 damage, or the hero gets +10% Status Resistance
  • Level 20 – Toss does not require a target or Grow gives +40% bonus damage when the hero has a Tree
  • Level 25 – Toss has 2 Charges or Avalance gets -8s cooldown

Dota 2 Tiny Guide – Tips

Aside from the popular Dota 2 Tiny combo with IO, it’s worth knowing that this is one of the most diverse and unique heroes in the game. We’ve seen tiny in pretty much every position over the years. The hero was a popular midder and carry, but he has also been a position 4 support for many years.

Nowadays, Tiny is a carry that requires players to get a couple of items and start ripping through their enemies. What’s interesting about the hero is that he is one of the best regarding late-game scaling. Six-slotted Tiny can one-shot pretty much anything, which is why the best teams in the world and many PUB players will always go for him.

In addition to the combo with IO, Tiny can work in many other setups. He is amazing at pushing and is one of the best heroes to have to kill squishy supports. As a result, he is a lot more popular than many people think.

Even though Tiny is not that difficult to master, people need to know how to use his abilities. Usually, the combo requires them to get a Blink Dagger and go in, use Toss, followed by Avalanche and a couple of hits, and the squishy target should be dead.

Toss is incredibly powerful and can be used in many ways, including offensively. Tiny can jump in, use his Toss and throw an enemy hero into his teammates, securing a kill for the team.

Tiny Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

The Tiny Dota 2 skins make the hero even more interesting, but there are other things to be aware of.

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  • Deals insane amounts of damage
  • Great for pushing
  • Amazing for one-shotting squishy supports
  • Farms pretty fast
  • Versatile


  • Low armor 
  • He is not that effective if he is not in the lead

Dota 2 Tiny Items

One of the most important things to know is the Tiny Dota 2 build you want to go for, so let’s learn more about the best items.

Starting items

Tiny usually starts the game with a Tango, followed by a Healing Salve and a few Branches. The hero can also get Mango.

Early Game


Ideally, the early game should allow Tiny to have Boots of Speed and a Magic Wand. He can also go for a Bracer, but it depends on the game.

Mid game

Most Tiny players will get a Blink Dagger and Power Treads, but those having a good game can also go for an Echo Sabre. If the hero is a support, he should get Arcane Boots.

Late game

Core Tiny players can get a wide range of items, including Assault Cuirass, Daedalus, Monkey King Bar, HoT, Moon Shard, and Black King Bar. Aghanim’s Scepter is also a popular option.

Dota 2 Tiny Counter

Now that you know some information about the hero and you’ve gone through the Tiny Dota 2 voice lines, here’s more info about some counters.

  • Bristleback – Surprisingly, Bristleback is a very solid option against Tiny because of his hardiness and insane damage output.
  • Razor – Razor can drain Tiny’s damage, making him a lot weaker.
  • Doom – The latter is tanky and can do a lot of damage, and his ultimate allows Tiny to be shut down, and his team can get a kill.


After everything mentioned so far, there is no arguing that Tiny is one of the best heroes in the game. He is incredibly powerful and can work in various situations, regardless of the meta. A lot of people like using him because of his damage output and farming speed.

Dota 2 Tiny Guide – Tips and How to Play
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