Dota 2: TI 9 Battle Pass Heroes Prediction

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Dota 2: TI 9 Battle Pass Heroes Prediction

Today, ESTNN has the best picks for the hero specific section of the Battle Pass predictions.

There are less than 3 days until TI 9 begins! This means that you still have some time left to decide which predictions to put in your compendium. Yesterday, we took a look at the most likely tournament predictions you can use. Now, let’s see which heroes have a higher chance to be among the winners in the heroes' prediction tab.

The most picked hero

This is one of the hardest predictions in the entire compendium. In fact, the amount of the heroes that the pros are playing is so high that predictions this makes it even harder. One of the first heroes that come to mind is Ember Spirit. However, Valve has nerfed him in the last couple of patches, which definitely affected his popularity as well as his overall success.

Our personal choice here is Centaur Warrunner simply because of his incredibly high popularity. This hero just fits in pretty much all lineups. However, similar to Ember Spirit, he also had some issues with nerfs. Go with your gut here.

The most banned hero

There are not that many options to choose here from. Most people will opt to go for IO because he is one of the heroes who can completely control a game. What’s more, IO is always in the top spots in terms of bans, especially when there are teams such as Team Liquid and Team Secret at TI which can utilize this hero effectively.

The hero with the highest win rate

This category is kind of tricky. Generally speaking, this hero has to be one of those that gets picked last. If not, the only other option is for him to be “broken”. Having said that, there are no broken heroes in this meta (at least not like Leshrac during TI5). That’s why our choice will be either Meepo or Broodmother because we see professional teams pick them last often.

The hero with the highest kill average

If we take into consideration the last couple of events, Clinkz is definitely one of the top choices for this prediction. The hero is just so successful in terms of killing his enemies. However, he can be easily countered, which might affect his performance. Despite that, there are not really that many heroes that can compete in this section. Perhaps Broodmother could also be a viable choice.

The hero with the highest assist average

Spirit Breaker, hands down. SB is just all over the place where he gets the chance to play, which is key in this category.

The hero with the lowest death average

There are two very good options here – Anti-Mage and Ember Spirit. Both of them are quite elusive, even though AM tends to be the better choice. After all, the days of the one-shotting Ember Spirits are long gone now, having transitioned into a tempo-controlling core. This means that he'll see a lot of action from the very start of the game, resulting in a bigger chance of dying more frequently, despite his slippery nature.

The hero with the highest last hit average

Again, Anti-Mage is one of the top choices here. In addition to him, Medusa, Sven or even Timbersaw can be picked here. Also, let’s not forget Naga Siren. In the end, it all comes down to your favorite, for us, it is AM.

The hero with the highest XPM average

One of the first things to keep in mind here are Hands of Midas-building heroes. However, there is one hero that sits above all in this category – Meepo. It is pretty much impossible to have a higher XPM.

The hero with most kills in a game

This is a very difficult category to guess. However, Invoker could be a solid option here because there are many amazing Invoker players at this years' TI.

The hero with most last hits in a game

Once again, Anti-Mage is a very popular option here. Of course, there are many heroes which could grab this title, including some midlaners. Despite that, the logical answer is to go for some late-game carry. This means that heroes such as Naga Siren, Sven and Medusa are the best choices.

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Dota 2: TI 9 Battle Pass Heroes Prediction
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