Dota 2: Three major Mid Laners that got buffed in 7.24

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Dota 2: Three major Mid Laners that got buffed in 7.24

It’s been one week after the newest patch in Dota 2 came out. As expected, Valve decided to release the new update just a couple of minutes after DreamLeague Season 13 came to an end.

Needless to say, some of the most popular heroes got nerfed, whereas others buffed. Yesterday, we took a look at some of the upcoming and hot carries that will be among the most contested heroes in the next couple of weeks.

Having said that, it’s is now time to do the same for the mid laners. Let’s dive in and see which heroes will become the go-to mid laners.

Death Prophet

The first hero that received three buffs in total is Death Prophet. This is a hero that used to be extremely popular back in previous metas. However, after a series of nerfs and buffs to other heroes, she slowly faded away from the meta, even though some teams tried to pick her from time to time.

However, it looks like 7.24 will be a good patch for Death Prophet. She now has one more base armor, five more base movement speed and a massive cooldown reduction to her Spirit Siphon. This means that she is a lot tankier during the laning stage, which can go a long way, especially against certain heroes.

Dragon Knight

Up next, we have another amazing mid laner, and that’s Dragon Knight. Although he was definitely more popular than Death Prophet, DK was still more or less a situational pick. One of the main reasons behind this is that he is just not that fast when it comes to farming.

In a meta where every fight can decide the outcome of the game, having good timings with your items is very important.

Even though his farming is not really buffed, Dragon Knight still got 10 bonus movement speed. While it might not seem like a significant buff at first, it's actually quite impactful.

However, to make up for it, his Elder Dragon Form now provides five less movement speed. So, instead of 30, it now gives only 25. Of course, when you combine it with the 10 additional base movement speed, the total amount is still more than it used to be.

Queen of Pain

Last, but definitely not least, we have Queen of Pain, one of the most popular mid laners in Dota 2. Although her most glorious days are long gone, patch 7.24 will try to make her just a bit more attractive.

The newest update in Dota 2 increases her intelligence gain by 3.4, and also adds 40 extra damage to Sonic Wave. Although this might not seem as much, it might just be enough to make this hero popular yet again.

The big problem of QoP is that there were just heroes who did her job better. However, now that Puck is nerfed once more, things might change.

Be sure to watch the upcoming qualifiers for the LA Major. Needless to say, they will be extremely interesting to watch, so you won’t want to miss them out.

Dota 2: Three major Mid Laners that got buffed in 7.24
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