Dota 2: Three major Carries that got buffed in 7.24

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Dota 2: Three major Carries that got buffed in 7.24

In typical Valve fashion, the company released a new Dota 2 update just minutes after the end of the Leipzig Major. Even though it only featured minor changes, some heroes were buffed, whereas others got nerfed.

Now, after we played for a couple of days on the new patch, it’s time to see which are the ones that will excel on patch 7.24. First, we will begin with the carries, because they are some of the most important heroes in the game.


The first hero that received tho small buffs is one of the hardest carries in Dota 2, Medusa. First off, the new patch increased her intelligence gain from 3.4 to 4. In addition, her Stone Gaze speed bonus is now 50%, instead of 35%.

Even though it might not sound as much, the new changes will definitely revive the hero. If you remember, Medusa used to be the go-to mid/safelane pick a couple of patches ago. However, she was slowly moved aside by other heroes who simply did the job better.

We did get to see her in action during the Leipzig Major a couple of times though. Although she had relatively good games, her damage output was too low. That said, after the agility changes, she is now one of the heroes with the highest agility gain in Dota 2.


The second hero that deserves to be on this list is similar to Medusa in many ways. Juggernaut used to be the most popular carry as he was picked in nearly every game. In fact, even during DreamLeague Season 13, some teams tried him out, but their attempts were not as successful.

However, now that 7.24 buffed him, this can change. The new patch increases his base damage by four, and his base movement speed by five. This makes the already fast hero even faster, which is great for chasing your enemies.

It will be very interesting to see how will this hero turn out to be played right now. As you probably remember, Jugg has three main builds with the following items:

  • Battery
  • Maelstorm
  • Diffusal/Manta

If we take a look at DotaBuff, Juggernaut has a +4% pick rate from last week, which is a clear sign that most players believe he is very good right now.


Last, but definitely not least, we have one of the hardest hitting heroes in Dota 2, Sven. Even though there were times where this hero was mainly played as a support, this isn’t hasn't been the case for the last couple of years.

Instead, Sven was exclusively played as a carry as he ripped through his enemies. However, the last meta was not that good for him because Slark and Ursa were the go-to carries. Those two heroes are among Sven’s biggest counters.

Nevertheless, after 7.24, it seems like the Rogue Knight might be back once more. The new update increases his Storm Hammer damage in the first three levels, gives him more bonus movement speed from Warcry and also reduces the cooldown of Warcry by 4 seconds. These buffs amount to quite a lot.

At first glance, it seems like Sven can become support once more. More damage on Storm Hammer means that he can score kills easier early on too.


We are yet to see which heroes will be contested the most in the upcoming qualifiers. As you know, the qualifiers for the Los Angeles Major begin in just a couple of days from now.

Dota 2: Three major Carries that got buffed in 7.24
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