Dota 2: The New Anti-Mage Persona Is Live

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Dota 2: The New Anti-Mage Persona Is Live

Disciple Wei has arrived to walk her path in defense of the ancients.

Ever since the new femme-Anti-Mage persona was teased, Dota 2 fans were eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Now, they don’t have to wait anymore.

The new Anti-Mage persona, Disciple’s Path, is here! It's available for unlock at Battle Pass level 305. Which means for those who’ve reached 305 (or higher,) the gender-bend Anti-Mage is now available in game.

According to the lore teaser, Disciple Wei is the adopted progeny of the Anti-Mage. Trained in the lost arts of the Turstarkuri. Now she’s been called to her master’s side to help in the fight against the perversions of the arcane. You can learn more about her journey in her comic, available on the dedicated Disciple’s Path page.

What’s included?

The new AM persona includes an all new character model, completely replacing Anti-Mage with Disciple Wei. This also includes a brand-new set of animations and over 900 new persona-exclusive voice lines.
Plus, she’s got a new minimap icon, and new portraits for both the topbar and the hero portrait.

Like the previous Invoker persona, you can’t switch out the weapon skins on the persona. But the new blades for Wei’s model look pretty awesome already. If you haven’t unlocked her yet, you can jump in game and demo her right now.

With Disciple’s Path live, it’s only the Windranger Arcana, Compass of the Rising Gale we have yet to see live in game yet. Although with sale of the Battle Pass Bundle set to end on September 19 we’re sure we won’t be waiting much longer.

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