Dota 2: The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in 2023 DPC NA and SA’s Division I

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Dota 2: The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in 2023 DPC NA and SA’s Division I

North America and South America might are not the most exciting regions in Dota 2 lately. However, after the changes and EG’s arrival in SA, things definitely seemed more intriguing, and people started paying more attention to them.

Now that Division I of the 2023 DPC in North America and South America is over, we already know the teams that will represent each region. Shopify Revellion and TSM succeeded in North America, whereas beastcoast and EG will attend The Lima Major from SA.

Before we share more information about the event, this article will focus on the hottest heroes in each region. We’ve already done a similar article for Western and Eastern Europe, so it is time to check whether there are any differences in America. Although the meta is the same in every region, some teams prefer certain options over others, so let’s dive in.

North America

The situation in North America resembles the one in Western Europe in many ways. Although the teams here are not on the same level as those in the EU (at least lately), they pick very similar heroes.

Rubick and Treant Protector were the go-to options for most teams here, but what’s interesting is that Treant has a small edge. The hero appeared 32 times, whereas his counterpart only showed up 29 times.

Tusk and Tiny are also in the top 10 with 27 and 24 picks, respectively. However, unlike Tiny in Eastern Europe, where he has one of the lowest win rates, the hero is doing substantially better in NA.


One of the heroes in the top 5 in the 2023 North America DPC Division I is Snapfire. The latter also showed up several times in other regions, but it seems like she is more prevalent in NA.

Snapfire has 21 picks and around a 62% win rate, making her the most successful hero in the top 5. This may surprise some of you, but those who’ve watched the teams in action know that Snapfire gets a lot of attention. Even though she is usually a support, some teams in NA also used her in the offlane.


Mirana is another hero that is way more successful here than in other regions. With 19 picks and a 63% win rate, she is one of the game's best midders/position 4 heroes. Even though she is not as versatile as some other options on the list, many NA teams use her all the time. 

One of Mirana’s big problems is that she relies a lot on hitting the arrow. Sure, she can clear waves and do a lot of AoE damage, but the arrow is what makes her really dangerous. Landing a good one will stun a target long enough to secure an easy kill.

South America

TSM and SR’s dominance in North America made it the least interesting region to watch because no other team was even close. However, this wasn’t the case in South America, where Thunder Awaken, EG, and beastcoast competed for the 2 Major slots. Unsurprisingly, the three powerhouses used tons of heroes to achieve their goals, but in the end, only BC and EG made it.


Since all regions play on the same patch, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the top-tier heroes in SA are the same as in other parts of the world. For example, Rubick leads the chart when it comes down to pics with 47 appearances, but heroes like Tusk, Tiny, and Snapfire are also quite popular.


With that said, there are a few interesting names that weren’t present in other regions, so let’s learn more about them.


Although Mars was the most popular hero in the game in early 2022, several nerfs removed him from the meta, and teams started using other options. However, it seems like the best teams in the world have found a way to use him again. 

According to the data, Mars appeared in 32 matches in total and has a 47% win rate, which is not that bad compared to other top names. For example, Tusdk, who also has 32 picks, only has a 37% win rate.

Mars works well in South America because the teams here focus a lot on big teamfights. Unsurprisingly, Mars is one of the best heroes for these kinds of things because of his ultimate. A well-placed Arena can decide the outcome of every fight.

Ember Spirit

It is safe to say that Ember Spirit is among the most popular cores in Dota 2. He is the go-to hero for all sorts of players worldwide, and South America is no exception. Although some players use him in the safe lane, Ember Spirit is has become the go-to midder in almost all situations.

The hero was also picked many times in all other 2023 DPC regions, but he shined the most in South America. Now that the matches in Division I are over, we can see that Ember appeared in 29 games. What’s impressive is his win rate, which is more than 58%, a pretty good number for a popular core.

Ember’s ability to dictate the tempo of the game and the fact that he can snowball out of control makes him a lucrative option. Furthermore, his high skill cap allows players to be way more dangerous than usual, which is another reason for his popularity.


The last popular hero in South America we’d like to include on the list is Silencer. The hero shined in 24 matches and has a jaw-dropping 66% win rate, which is really impressive for support. However, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise because Silencer has one of the best ultimates in the game.

In addition to the support role, some teams also use Silencer in the mid-lane. He can lane against most top midders, but the hero doesn’t scale as well as others, which is why picking him as the team’s midder is risky.

Dota 2: The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in 2023 DPC NA and SA’s Division I
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