Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 4 Recap

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Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 4 Recap

Although The Lima Major 2023 started just a few days ago, the Group Stage is almost over. With just one day away from the end of it, the best teams in the world had to step up their game.

As expected, Group A gave us access to loads of epic matches. Some of them were a lot more interesting than others, which is why we will go through everything you should know. Make sure you check your recaps of Days 1, 2, and 3 if you’ve missed out on any of the actions.


EG vs Gaimin Gladiators

The first series of today put together EG and GG, two of the teams that are fighting for a Top 4 position. Even though the Western European squad was in a better spot, the South Americans didn’t want to go down without a fight, which is why game 1 went in their favor.

The first match between the two lasted more than 50 minutes, allowing us to watch many epic fights. GG didn’t expect the match to last that long, which is why its cores were mostly focusing on the mid-game. Sadly, the squad wasn’t able to win, which allowed EG’s draft to slowly but steadily become stronger and eventually win.

We thought that one of the best Western European teams would bounce back in the second game of the series and get a draw. However, Evil Geniuses didn’t let this happen, as the team ripped through its opponents in just 34 minutes.

Surprisingly, GG used an IO and Troll setup, something we haven’t seen in a while. Even though the draft looked good on paper, EG was better. The South Americans wanted to win this match, and in the end, they succeeded.

Execration wasn’t able to defeat PSG.LGD

China’s leading Dota 2 team had another important series ahead of it, but this time, it was against SEA’s powerhouse. PSG.LGD’s results haven’t been that impressive lately because the squad had 4 draws before this match. Needless to say, it had to win in order to keep its chances of securing a top 4 finish.

Speaking of winning, the first game of the match lasted 32 minutes. Ember and Lina proved once again that they are some of the best cores in the game right now. Execration tried using their powerful Morphling, but LGD didn’t give him enough time to get too big.

With that said, LGD decided to change its draft for the second game and got Spectre and Enigma. Although it looked good on paper, Execration didn’t want to lose the series and looked motivated for Game 2. It seems like this helped because the team won and equalized the match.

Tundra didn’t give Talon any chances of winning

The International 11 champion’s performance hasn’t been that impressive in the last couple of days. Some of their fans were disappointed, and it seems like this was a wake-up call for Tundra because the squad was really strong in Day 4.

The day started well for Nine and co. because the team defeated Talon Esports in their first series.  One of Westen Europea’s top squads and the SEA team tried their best, but Tundra was better in both games. The first one was closer because Talon’s Drow draft had a solid start, but the second match was clearly one-sided.

Tundra Esports needed 24 minutes to win the second map and defeat Talon. Needless to say, this was a very important victory because the team’s next match was versus Team Spirit.

GG and TSM ended the match in a draw

After the first loss of the day against EG, GG had to step up their game and win the second match because they needed it to secure a top 4 finish. That said, the team had to play against TSM, and the North Americans wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Speaking of going down, Timado and the rest lost the first game of the series after just 35 minutes. The team tried surprising its counterparts with a Drow Ranger strategy, but things didn’t work as planned.

With their back against the wall, TSM had to make something happen if they didn’t want to lose the series. Surprisingly, the squad rolled out an Ursa and Lycan draft and it was enough to defeat their Westen European counterparts. The latter picked Drow Ranger, but similar to TSM in the first game, it couldn’t make the most of it.

EHOME lost to LGD and got a draw against Spirit


By the looks of it, EHOME will be one of the teams that won’t be able to advance to The Lima Major 2023’s playoffs. Following the inconsistent results from the last couple of weeks, the team got a draw in its series against Team Spirit and lost the match versus PSG.LGD.

The series between the Chinese powerhouses was very interesting because both teams have met numerous times. That said, EHOME wasn’t even close to winning because their counterparts dominated in both matches. LGD didn’t have any problems and dominated in both maps.

Following the loss against the Chinese behemoth, EHOME became the first team from The Lima Major 2023 Group A to be eliminated from the event.

Execration got 2 draws

Following the end of Day 4 of Group A of The Lima Major 2023, Execration became the team with the most draws in the event so far. With 6 draws and 1 loss, the team will have to wait until the last day of the group to see if it will survive.

Speaking of draws, Execration secured 2 more today, and one of them was versus PSG.LGD. Despite being the underdog, the squad won the second game and stole one point.

Speaking of stealing, Evil Geniuses did the same thing in their match against the SEA powerhouse. Despite winning the first game, XctN wasn’t able to do the same in game 2 and lost.

Spirit defeated Tundra Esports

The clash between the last two TI champions was one of the most anticipated matches of the day. Judging from the team’s most recent performance, we expected Tundra to win, but Team Spirit was better and won the epic clash.

The first game had more action because Tundra had real chances of winning. However, the second map was one-sided as Team Spirit ripped through their opponents. This was an important victory for Yatoro and the rest and put them one step closer to the Upper Bracket slot.

Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 4 Recap
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