Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 3 Recap

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Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 3 Recap

All the highlights from Group A on Day 3 of the Lima Major 2023.

Just like that, Day 3 of The Lima Major came to an end. The first DPC event of 2023 started just a few days ago, but after 3 days of action, we can spot some of the teams that stand out. Speaking of the previous days, you can check our Recap of Day 1 and Day 2 if you’ve missed any of the action.

As expected, Day 3 was even more important than the previous two because it allowed some teams to secure themselves a comfortable lead. With that said, others continued to struggle and failed to live up to the expectations.

EHOME wasn’t able to deal with EG and TSM

After EHOME barely made it to The Lima Major 2023, the team hasn’t had the best start to the tournament. EHOME wasn’t able to win a single series during Days 1 and 2, and the team wasn’t able to defeat EG in its first match of Day 3.

We expected the Chinese to win the first game between the two because it had a better draft against EG’s Ember and Batrider setup. However, EHOME couldn’t do anything early on, which allowed their counterparts to take full advantage of the situation and secure themselves a comfortable lead.

Fortunately, the Chinese squad stepped up its game on the second map and won. It definitely wasn’t easy because EHOME had to play for 49 minutes, but in the end, the team’s Primal Beast draft was enough to win the match.


After failing to defeat EG, EHOME also had problems against TSM. The North American team also got a draw in its first series of the day, so the squad was eager to take win this match because it needed it to advance to the Upper Bracket.

Speaking of winning, TSM was better in the series and ripped through their opponents like a knife through butter. Game one was more interesting to watch because of EHOME’s draft, but in the end, Enigma and Sniper prevailed.

As for the match's second game, TSM’s Lina made it completely one-sided. The hero was on another level and allowed her team to win in just 24 minutes. 

PSG.LGD vs Tundra

One of the most interesting series of The Lima Major 2023 Group A was between PSG.LGD and Tundra Esports. Besides being direct competitors for the Upper Bracket slots, they’re among the best in their respective regions.

Tundra’s draft in the first game allowed us to watch their signature Enigma, but the hero wasn’t powerful enough to carry the team to victory. The Chinese and their Gyrocopter had an explosive start to the game and used the momentum to secure themselves an easy victory.

After losing the first map, we expected Tundra Esports to step up its game and do everything possible to win Game 2. However, this didn’t happen because their enemies were simply better. LGD’s Bristle and Warlock combo definitely surprised their opponents and won the match in just 31 minutes.

Talon vs Team Spirit & LGD

Even though Talon Esports defeated TSM and got a draw yesterday, the team had the uneasy task of facing Team Spirit. The latter is among the big favorite in Group A of The Lima Major 2023, so the SEA squad expected this match to be hard.

With that said, the victory wasn’t easy, especially in the first game of the match. Talon had a pretty good start, and we thought the SEA would win. However, Spirit’s annoying Furion draft didn’t let this happen. After several fights going in their way, the Eastern European powerhouse won the first map. 

Fortunately, the loss in the first game didn’t have that much of an effect on the SEA squad. The team slowly but steadily bounced back in the series and played a really strong Game 2. We saw an amazing 51-minute game where both teams had amazing team-fight ultimates and combos. That said, Talon looked more motivated to win and snatched the victory.


After securing a draw against TI 10 champions, Talon Esports did the same against the best team in China. Interestingly, the two maps weren’t even close because both team didn’t give their opponents any chance of succeeding. The first map wasted just 26 minutes and went in Talon’s favor, whereas the first one lasted 33 minutes, during which PSG.LGD sliced and diced their counterparts.

XctN secured 2 draws

Execration is one of SEA’s representatives at The Lima Major 2023 Group A, and the team secured 2 draws. The first was against TSM, where one of the two games lasted for 65 minutes. TSM used their Naga and Enigma core setup in both games, whereas XctN relied on Visage, ES, and Treant Protector in both maps.

Following the first draw, Execration secured another one, this time, it was against Gaimin Gladiators. This result was definitely more impressive because everyone expected the Western European powerhouse to have little to no problems. 

While it’s true that GG ripped through their counterparts in the second game of the series, the first one didn’t go well. Despite the solid lead early on, GG wasn’t able to use its lead and lost the map.

Tundra lost vs EG

It seems like the current The International champion doesn’t live up to the expectations because its most recent results haven’t been that impressive. Today, Tundra lost its first match against PSG.LGD, so we expected the squad to bounce back against EG. However, this wasn’t the case.

The South American powerhouse won one of the most impressive series so far after defeating its opponents in games 1 and 2. Both squads used similar drafts in both matches, but the first one was more than one hour long. Tundra’s draft was pretty good, but the team couldn’t defeat the late-game Chaos Knight.

Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 3 Recap
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