Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 2 Recap

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Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 2 Recap

All the highlights from Day 2 of Group A's series at the Lima Major 2023.

Day 1 of The Lima Major 2023 came to an end, and with it, we saw numerous amazing series in Groups A and B. Both offered tons of cool matches, so make sure to check our Lima Major Day 1 recap for Group A and Group B if you missed out on something. 

With that said, the second day of The Lima Major 2023 was as exciting as the first one, and it was definitely more important. Now that the dust has settled let’s learn more about the results from the second day of the event. 

 Evil Geniuses got a draw against Talon but lost against Team Spirit

The first series that we were very interested in was between Talon Esports and Evil Geniuses. Besides the fact that both squads were evenly matched, they were direct competitors for the first 4 spots in Group A. Hence, the match between them was of utmost importance. 

We expected EG to win, but in the end, this series ended in a draw. The South American squad won the first map after 50 minutes, but the team didn’t have any chances in Game 2. Talon had a way better draft and used their power to defeat their opponents.

Following the draw against Talon, the South American squad had a challenging series against Team Spirit. The first game between the two was intense because EG had many chances of winning. However, the team didn’t use the momentum it had and gave their opponents the victory.

After defeating them in the first game, Team Spirit was even more motivated for the second one and won in just 25 minutes. The dealy Drow Ranger strategy worked perfectly as Yatoro, and the rest secured a very important victory.

TSM lost vs Tundra Esports and Talon

Another match that people were very interested in put together TSM and Tundra Esports. Although the NA squad started with a loss against Spirit, the team quickly bounced back in the second series against LGD. As for Tundra, TI 11 winners got a draw and a victory, so they were definitely in a better sport.

Unsurprisingly, the Western European powerhouse was in a much better position than its enemies and was the favorite. With that said, we didn’t expect the first game to be heavily one-sided.

Tundra’s incredible Sven and BM pick proved to be too strong for the NA squad to handle. Despite having heroes with some of the best team-fight ultimates, the squad wasn’t able to live up to the expectations and lost.

Following the first victory, Tundra Esports also won the second match, but it wasn’t as easy as the first one. We watched 47 minutes of top-notch plays, loads of close fights, and interesting pushes. TSM looked good, but the team didn’t have the needed damage to defeat their opponents.

Vs Talon

After losing the first series against Tundra, TSM also lost its second match versus Talon Esports. This was an amazing series to watch because both teams used everything they had to win. 

It wasn’t easy, but Talon Esports prevailed in the end after winning both maps. Game 2 was very interesting to watch because of TSM’s pick, but the North American squad failed to live up to the expectations and lost the match.

PSG.LGD vs Team Spirit

Some people referred to this match as the “Clash of the Titans”, and for a reason. The Chinese powerhouse and Spirit met at TI 10’s Final, the Riyadh Masters, a well as many other events. Needless to say, the series between the two is always interesting to watch.

Speaking of matches, the EEU squad was better in the first game of the series and won after 39 minutes of play. One of the favorites at The Lima Major picked their favorite Morphling, and Yatoro was able to deal with the Chinese Spectre.

As expected, Team Spirit tried a similar draft for the second game of the series. Sadly, things didn’t go well for the Eastern European powerhouse because PSG.LGD was prepared. The team got Naga Siren, and the hero helped them win the match and equalize the series.


EHOME lost its first match yesterday, so the team had to win in order to save its chances of advancing to the Upper Bracket. The bad news is that this was easier said than done because the Chinese had to go up against GG. The latter is one of the big favorites, so we weren’t surprised when the squad won the first game.

Game 1 was like a walk in the park for the Western European squad because it needed a little over 24 minutes to win. The team didn’t give its opponents any chances of succeeding and put itself in a good position before the second game of the match. 

After the first victory, we expected EHOME to bounce back in the second game and put up a challenge. However, this wasn’t the case because the Chinese were blown away by their WEU counterparts. After just 14 minutes of action, GG won and delivered EHOME’s 2nd loss in Group A.

Tundra lost against GG

One of the series that Dota 2 fans were eager to watch was between Tundra Esports and GG. The two Western European powerhouses are among the big favorites for a top 4 finish, so the match between them was key. Although most of us expected Tundra to come on top, in the end, GG won the match.

Quinn and the rest picked almost identical drafts in both matches that focused on Puck and Lina as cores. Their opponents tried countering them by getting heroes like Sniper, Naga, and Drow Ranger, but they failed to live up to the expectations. In the end, Tundra lost this match, which means it has to step up its game for the next match of The Lima Major 2023.

Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Group A Day 2 Recap
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