Dota 2: The International 10 Group Stage Highlights – Day 4

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Dota 2: The International 10 Group Stage Highlights – Day 4

Our teams cement their places in the Upper and Lower Brackets on the final day of Groups in Bucharest.

It’s been a fantastic four days of Dota 2 as The International 10. For some teams, their time in the spotlight has come to an end. But for the rest, the slog through the Playoffs of the Main Event is just around the corner.

ESTNN breaks down all the action and our final standings from Day 4 at TI 10.

SG esports are eliminated

The SGE squad join fellow South American’s Thunder Predator in waving goodbye to Bucharest.

Their first series of the day saw them face off against NA’s Quincy Crew, and despite a bitter 51-minute slog, they failed to claim a win. Things didn’t fare any better in their second Day 4 series; Team Spirit easily overran them in two cut-and-dry stomps. Game 2 ended in just 22-minutes, and with it, SG esports TI 10 journey.

Team Secret come back

Team Secret took some unexpected losses through the Group Stage, but they were able to redeem themselves on the final day. They snatched the final win with a 2-0 against Vici Gaming, nabbing the second spot on Group B’s ladder.

Their earlier series against Fnatic saw them fall to the SEA team 2-0. That victory was a vital win for Fnatic, bumping their total score to 1-4-3, and pushing them up to 8th place in the standings. Just enough to snag them a Lower Bracket spot.

We’ll have to wait and see how regional rival T1 fares in the Upper Bracket. If they fall, we might just see the two teams face off at some point during the Main Event.

PSG.LGD finish the Groups 15-1

Aside from their Day 2 series against Team Secret, which ended in a tie, LGD rolled through the Group Stage. The Chinese powerhouse looks at the top of their game after the last four days of play, and certainly among the favorites to take home the Aegis this year.

Their final series of the day saw them take SA’s remaining team, beastcoast, complete with a perfectly timed Roshan steal in Game 2 near the end of the 21-minute mark.

The loss bumps beastcoast down to 5th in Group B’s standings, securing them a Lower Bracket spot. But LGD will get their pick of the UB crop when the team’s return after tomorrow’s break day.

Highlight Series: Elephant vs QC’s 62-minute slugfest

There was a slew of great stomps on the stage at Bucharest today. But one series had that sweet back-and-forth slow burn. The absolute slog between Elephant and Quincy Crew.

It was a blistering defeat for Elephant in Game 1, which saw Quincy Crew close things out in 32-minutes with a 16-kill lead and 17k up in the net worth. But rather than looking demoralized as things opened for the second match of the series, Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao and the rest of the Chinese super squad came back with a vengeance. Trading kills during the battle for first blood before the clock had even hit 1-minute.

From there, Elephant took the lanes. With Eurus winning top on his Sniper pick, and mid and bottom ending in a draw. They managed to hold a small but steady gold lead for themselves through to the 30-minute mark. That’s when the combo of a well-placed ward and a clever smoke saw Quincy Crew make their move. Although the smoke popped, the resulting team fight let them catch and kill  Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun. Helping them swipe back the net worth advantage.

But Elephant weren’t giving up there. They continued to hold out, they even swung things back their way for a hot minute. But a solid kill from Arif “MSS” Anwar on Eurus meant the comeback was short lived.

Despite his rocky start in the laning phase, Yawar “YawaR” Hassan had an excellent game on Terrorblade. He went went 18-5-18 on the hero; we’ve only seen TB picked 17 times so far, with a winrate of 53%. Elephant’s pick for Eurus this game has been more popular. Weaver is the seventh most picked hero at the event so far, with a total of 43 picks and a winrate of 51% overall.

It was a rollercoaster second game, with finally bowing to defeat against QC at 62-minutes.


Final Standings

China continued their rampage through the Groups, with Invictus Gaming claiming first place in Group A and PSG.LGD taking the top spot on Group A’s ladder. CIS & EU both put up a showing too, with Virtus.Pro nabbing their UB spot, taking second place in Group A. While Team Secret staged their come back to secure second seed for Group B.  The rest of our Upper Bracket is set to include OG, Vici Gaming, T1 and Team Spirit. Which is sure to provide plenty of thrills when the Main Event begins on October 12.

Be sure to stay tuned to ESTNN as we help you recap all  the action.

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