Dota 2: The Best Items for Clinkz

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Dota 2: The Best Items for Clinkz

A beginner's overview of some of the best items you can get for Clinkz.

Clinkz is a ranged carry and one of the few heroes in Dota 2 with a spell that allows him to become invisible. Needless to say, this makes him popular in pub games because people use him to gain MMR.

Besides being one of the go-to carries for PUBs, Clinkz is also an excellent option for some pro lineups. Despite not always being the meta hero, he often gets picked due to his incredible damage capabilities.  Of course, the only way to utilize this damage is by getting the right items. That’s why we’ve decided to share some of the best buys for this hero and how to utilize his full potential.


The first big item that we have to include on this list is relatively new in Dota 2, but this doesn’t mean it's not worth it. In fact, it is among the best late-game items for Clinkz that you can get because it gives the hero tons of damage, intelligence, and other stats. And, let’s not forget this is an active item that roots enemy unites and deals damage. This makes it ideal for the hero because he can use his skills and do tons of damage, especially while having Burning Barrage.

Dragon Lance/Hurricane Pike

Despite being the hero with one of the biggest attack ranges, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't get a Dragon Lance. This is one of the cheapest items in Dota 2, but it has a lot of value because it increases your range. Furthermore, the item allows Clinkz to be a bit tankier early on, which is always a good thing.

Some people who get this item decide to sell it and purchase something better, whereas others prefer to upgrade it to a Hurricane Pike. The latter is a great item when you need to escape or when you lack mobility. That’s why you can often find it on most ranged heroes, like Clinkz or Sniper.


Daedalus is one of the strongest items when it comes down to dealing damage. Even though it doesn’t give any stats, it does wonders on Clinkz because the hero can do loads of damage in a matter of seconds.

Since Daedalus is expensive and Clinkz is one of the heroes that need to scale, you can’t just get it without purchasing something else. That’s why many people decide to get Crystalis, followed by several other items, before completing this one. While it's true that it will take a while until you get Daedalus, you don’t really need the item early on anyway because you won’t do that much damage. This is definitely a late game buy.

Black King Bar

Every ranged hero that wants to survive in the late game needs BKB, and Clinkz is no exception. Even though this item doesn’t give a lot of damage, Clinkz needs it to survive his opponent's big damage bursts. He can do a lot of damage but he lacks survivability; which is why an item like the Black King Bar fits perfectly.

One of the important things to remember about Black King Bar is that the item is not that effective later on if you use it too much. Since Clinkz needs it to do damage, it's not advisable to waste it without really needing to.

Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi was not a go-to option for most Clinkz players, but the item has slowly made its way to the meta. Nowadays, you will almost always find a Skadi during the late game because this thing is just way too strong. Besides the slow effect, it gives tons of stats, which is good for pretty much every hero.

It should be noted that Eye of Skadi is one of the items that can work for pretty much every item build. Even if you decide to go with the classic glass-cannon option that only allows you to deal a lot of damage, Skadi will work just fine.


Desolator is another item that was really popular on Clinkz, but it is not a must-have in the current meta. The thing that makes this item special is that it does a lot of damage for its price. It is significantly cheaper than some things, such as a Monkey King Bar or a Daedalus. As a result, Clinkz can Purchase Desolator early on and use its damage during team fights.

Nowadays, Desolator is not an item that is worth it every time. Although it provides a lot of damage, most Clinkz players prefer to get Maelstorm and upgrade it later than purchasing a Deso.


Clinkz is not one of the heroes that always purchase Butterfly. Although this is an item that gives the hero tons of damage and attack speed, it is expensive, which means that you can only see it during the late game. Keep in mind that Clinkz is not the fastest farming hero in Dota 2, so these items are not that common.

The thing that makes Butterfly a situational item is “evasion”. Sometimes, Clinkz needs this in order to survive against some of the enemy’s physical damage dealers, which can be deadly.

Monkey King Bar

The last item that we’d like to include is Monkey King Bar, and it is another situational item that can have a drastic impact on a specific game.MKB used to be a more popular pick for Clinkz a couple of patches ago, but now, most people prefer to get Daedalus. However, there are cases where Clinkz needs MKB because this item provides True Sight. This means the hero can easily attack those that have evasion.

Dota 2: The Best Items for Clinkz
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