Dota 2: Queen Of Pain’s Arcana Is Here

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Dota 2: Queen Of Pain’s Arcana Is Here

Although it took them some time, Valve finally decided to release the new Arcana — and it was worth the wait.

As you know, Valve has allowed all players t purchase the TI 10 Battle Pass a few weeks ago. Even though we still have no information about the future of this event, many players rushed to purchase this amazing item so that they can get as many benefits as possible.

One of the things that made this Battle Pass unique was the fact that there are three different Arcanas that you can unlock. However, in the beginning, fans could only get one of them for Wraith King.

Now, a few weeks later, Valve has unveiled the second Arcana, as well as a special comic that’s pretty fun to read.

What's it like?

Although the design of any item is always subjective, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Arcanas yet. Valve has really put a lot of work into it so that it can look as badass as it is. Check out the video above to see how it looks.

Queen of Pain has always been one of the most popular Dota 2 mid heroes. Even though she is not in the meta right now, we can definitely expect to see her more often, especially after this Arcana.

Don’t forget that you need to reach level 445 in order to unlock this item. Similar to other ones, this Arcana also has a second style, which you can unlock only after you successfully secure 1000 Sonic Wave kills.

The comic

As we mentioned, apart from the Arcana, Valve also introduced a short comic.  In it, you'll meet some pretty interesting personalities; such as Neverome and Underlord, as well as what seems to be QoP (Akasha)’s brother called B’Kor.

Having said that, we have no information as to whether we will see another version of this comic or not. Some people on Reddit even claimed that this comic is a hint as to what heroes we can expect to find in the next big update. As you know, Valve tends to release a new hero after every TI. However, since there won’t be such an event this year, we have no idea what will happen.

So, now that we know the first two Arcanas, the only one that we have to wait to see is Windranger's. Nonetheless, it will probably take some time before we see this item in-game. After all, the one for QoP just got released.

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Dota 2: Queen Of Pain’s Arcana Is Here
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