Dota 2: Newbee’s New Team Will Only Compete at TI 9

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Dota 2: Newbee’s New Team Will Only Compete at TI 9

Yesterday,  Newbee announced that they will add Yawar, CCnC, pieliedie, Snekying and MSS under their banner in order to take part in the upcoming epic tournament – The International 2019. This was definitely unexpected, which is why fans immediately started to ask a lot of questions. Having said that, in order to answer the most important ones, Newbee’s CEO decided to speak out. Let’s see what he had to say about this unexpected and interesting situation.

CuZn (Newbee’s CEO)’s response

The statement begins with an explanation regarding Newbee’s Chinese roster. According to CuZn, many big organizations were attempting to establishing their presence in the Dota 2 scene and thus offered an immense amount of money to Newbee’s players in order to “lure” them in. This is the reason why Newbee had to spend three times more money in order to keep their players.

Also, the Chinese organization attempting to find new players but “there was just too little space to do so. Many of the players that we did have the chance to acquire were of similar skill level to our own youth players.” Of course, Newbee preferred to keep and invest in their own players instead.

And now to the most important question – Is there a new Newbee team?

Is there a newbee team?

According to CuZn, Newbee is trying to become an international brand and organization. Having said that, Yawar and Co. will NOT become a permanent part of Newbee after TI 9. Their contracts are only through that tournament. However, it is possible Newbee will renew their contracts depending on their performance. What’s more, they won’t be playing under That’s because there is not enough time to make any new banners, jerseys and so on.

In terms of the “old” Newbee roster, it will not compete in any more tournaments before the season ends. In addition to that, the organization will rebuild the entire roster at the end of the season. Last, but not least, the current Newbee roster will have “little to no interaction” with the old Chinese lineup.

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Dota 2: Newbee’s New Team Will Only Compete at TI 9
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